The government shutdown is affecting federal employees all over the US. My son is one of those affected. I understand it is because the President would like his wall built and needs his budget approved. Have you or someone you know been affected by the shutdown? What do you think about the wall being built? Let’s talk about it…

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“Border security is important. An insecure border is bad for national security. Mexico has a wall. Other countries enforce their immigration policies – yet we are the bad guy for wanting to enforce ours. The Senate should have never recessed until they reached a compromise and they should not be paid as long as the government is shut down. The Senate lacked the required 60 % votes to pass the legislation. The House worked out a compromise. The Senate Majority refused to invoke the nuclear option that would allow for only a simple majority. The President can’t sign legislation not passed by both houses. Stepping away from mainstream media that spews liberal rhetoric – looking at the people who are donating to the wall; this is something people want – at least more than the media admits. Personally, I’d like to see an amnesty program for illegal immigrants that are adding to our country. I’d also like to see an end to benefits for people here illegally. One of the hallmarks of becoming a citizen has always been an ability to work and provide for yourself. There need to be penalties for people hiring illegal workers.”

Ramiro Mendez:
“Well one of my son’s works for the government agency. This is affecting everybody in some way. The wall may prevent some from coming over, but whoever wants to come, they will find a way; under or around the USA so be prepared for that.”

Belinda Rodriguez:
“I have family members that are being affected by this shutdown of the government as well. I know he is a business man more than our President but that money can be more useful for our people here in the USA, we as taxpayers. Our monies can been used for housing, Veterans Benefits, and Medical.”

Anita Repya:
“Perhaps if that 5 billion were all that’s needed but reportedly it will actually cost between 25 and 75 billion plus the cost of maintenance. If we give this, he’s gonna come back and ask for more. He had both houses for two years and even they disagreed with his proposal for the wall. Majority of taxpayers also do not want to pay for his wall. Maybe you should donate to GoFundMe and pay for it yourself.”

Barbara Mendoza Mead:
“We taxpayers have spent billions upon billions for illegals. It’s time to do it right. Both Clinton and Obama preached on the same darn thing but neither had the guts to do anything. It’s time. Trump has more of a challenge since the others let it get out of hand and Soros has his hand in wanting to obstruct everything good that is done or any attempt to do good… It’s a shame but all we can do is pray that our country stays strong and our leaders do what’s right for the people and not themselves. I love my president with all his flaws. He’s done a lot for this country in spite of all the obstruction.”

Amanda Cena:
“That wall isn’t going to stop anyone from coming in to this country. The same way they didnt stop 9/11 no one was this concerned about a wall until this horrible man started running that hole in his face. If we are going to have a wall, the entire country should have a border wall. Every single foot of it. Not just border up with Mexico.”
Josie E. Maria:
“I think that the president can’t get what he wants so has to throw a fit . Without him thinking straight he’s not seeing the effect on the people who work for the government. But he’s ok with it he comes from money but what about the people that have to work for the government? What about then that depend on that pay check their bills . Really this is the president we voted for for ! I see he’s setting us up for failure.”

Mike Miller:
“All these politicians were against trump until they finally figured out that most of the country wants these changes. They now fear for their power and have decided to take his side. One must remember our politicians have been bought by big business, our President was bought by the people. This USA has a very corrupt government. This is why they fear the President. He has done a lot and name one politician who has ever asked forgiveness for his sins against man? Trump did, on live television no less. Immigration is good……. legal immigration. Heaven has walls and they are guarded! Name another world power besides the USA that doesn’t have walls.”