This week, my grandma would’ve been 91. We lost her shortly after her 90th birthday. It’s hard to believe she is no longer with us but she had a great life; a long one. I was her sidekick growing up and she was mine once I was an adult. The first thing I think of this month when I think of my grandma is tamales. My Grandpa and her made them every year in December and delivered them to the family. I am missing my Grandma this week. Happy birthday in heaven.What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your Grandma? Let’s talk about it…

Terry Diaz-Babida:
“ I remember her beautiful smile with her glasses on.”

Melissa Garza: “I wish I could’ve met mine.”

Jacqueline Cruz: “My Grandma Aurora. My mom’s mother. Her kindness, her love to everyone. We talk and usually see her weekly and we can chat up to an hour or two. I love chatting with her. My grandma Mandina. Dad’s mother. Her kindness, her love to everyone. She loves to talk about the Bible and God. I love touching and kissing her hands. They are so smooth and small. I see her maybe 2 to 3 times a year. She lives in Mexico.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“Mine is kolache. She always made them.”

JoAnn Campos: “Food and family is all my Tita wanted. I miss her so much.”

Sylvia Lozano: “I remember my grandma because my brother and I used to sing a song to her every time she went grocery shopping; ‘we are hungry.’ I love and miss you, grandma. I will never forget you. To my Tia Nancy Caballero, she was more like a mother to me. I miss you so much tia and I’m glad we got to spend time towards the end. Will always miss you, but will never forget you. Happy heavenly birthday. Dance with my Tio and all my angels that are up in heaven.”

Tracy Trevino: “Tamales and Pan Dulce.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “Carne picada con elote revuelto! Mmmm Good!”

Robert Ordonez: “Great food!”

Clara Olivarri: ”Happy Heavenly Birthday to your beloved Grandma.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a good grandma experience. But since you asked, her favoritism towards anyone but me and my sister. I still hope she rests in peace. I no longer have ill will even with the not so good memories.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “Happy Heavenly Birthday to your grandma. I remember going to Sunday mass with my grandma.”

Aurelia Salazar:
“A lot of love”

Roy Cruz: “Carne Guisada and homemade tortillas fresh with butter.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga:”Paternal side… her spaghetti!! She was Italiana.’”

Mel Castillo: “Limons store.”

Roxy Eguia: “I think of my cosmic grandmas because they shared the same birthday and loved me so much in different ways. My dad’s mom, my grandma Cointa, always made authentic Mexican food from Veracruz. She would always make tamales with the banana leaf, menudo,black beans, rice and lil enchiladas with queso fresco and serrano chiles.My mom’s mom, my grandma Hopie, would always make authentic Tex Mex food. My favorite memories with her include making flour tortillas, bunuelos and eating ice cream from her freezer that was dedicated to ice cream.”