I received this email after the mass
shooting in Uvalde and felt obliged to share and “talk about it:”

Dear Ms. Tello,
Due to this week’s mass murder of children in Uvalde, Texas, what about protecting our children from guns and derelict legislators? Talk About It! Those murdered children in Uvalde and Sandy Hook Elementary are all our children! All parents and religious leaders should hold our legislators accountable and demand gun legislation. It’s time for parents to hold Abbott, Cruz, and Cornyn’s feet over hot coals in order to get life saving gun legislation, at least, for the sake of our children!

Do you agree? Let’s talk about it… and let’s pray for Uvalde and their broken hearts. Uvalde, you are not alone. Our hearts hurt with yours. Your loss is our loss.

Frances Potter: “Agree, a solution is what we need. We need to vote and replace politicians that have a heart and conscience!”

Leon Gaytan: “On Sunday night my daughter told me she overheard a couple of her teachers saying that her school hasn’t had active shooter drills in a while. Democrats blame Republicans, Republicans blame Democrats. This great nation is ready for a 3rd party that really listens to the people and stops blaming and passes laws. No change in the laws has really happened since the Columbine High School massacre. It’s time for new laws. There are a lot of mama bears and papa bears who can probably think of laws. Wake up people!”

Gregory Johnson: “State Representatives voted against gun control in March. This Friday, State Representatives will be at the NRA convention in Houston Texas. Leaders are too worried about money and staying in office.”

Robert Vasquez: “Two months ago that school did an active shooting drill.”

Lydia Curran: “No! And we all know why! Enough said. We’re not stupid! They love their guns, don’t they? Follow the money and you’ll see why. Vote those people out of office who are in the pockets of the NRA.”

Cynthia Eugene Bustamante: “In my opinion, regardless of laws, people that don’t follow laws will still find ways to have guns.”

Thomas Mc: “When we did nothing about Sandy Hook. The nation said the mass murder of children was a big deal. Now, like then will prove that absolutely nothing will change or happen. We will get the usually useless thought and prayers. GOP and gun enthusiasts are already saying “don’t have a knee jerk reaction to this. ” People are already detracting from the issue and calling the murder trans and an illegal because that’s what their base will rally to and overlook the issue of guns. Any moment now someone on this thread or somewhere else will bring out the ol “guns don’t kill people people kill people” BS. And in two weeks, no one will care. And in a few months or a year, more children will be murdered and we will do this song and dance again. This country is broken beyond repair.”

Gene A. Gomez: “I absolutely agree. Let’s not forget, not long ago, Abbott made it easier to purchase guns in this great state of Texas. Too easy. We need strict gun laws and regulations. They work. Do any other countries have this issue? VOTE.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “Good point!”

Alice Herrera: “OMG!!! Everyone always immediately politicizes everything! What about having armed security at every school? Just like the politicians do, at airports, our companies we work at, the banks. Why do they all have armed security but our most vulnerable do not? Schools up north in the areas with the most gun laws have armed security with metal detectors.”

Todd Forbes: “My heart goes out to those kids and their families! They didn’t deserve this! And that should really be our focus – pray for them first!! But gun control laws are not the solution! Schools are gun free zones. It’s against the law to have a gun there. Did that stop him? Trespassing is against the law. Did that stop him? Murder is against the law. Did that stop him?
What kind of idiot do you have to be to think a law banning guns would stop a lunatic from doing this? Focus on the problem and not the weapon of choice. Would we be banning trucks if he had used the truck in the school playground to mow down the kids? No, because that would be stupid and so is banning guns! People are the problem and focus on fixing them!”

Rebecca Tinajero Jones: “Yes, totally agree! You can add Ryan Guillen to that list. I made several calls to our state senator and state rep. And no one has called back. Call us and I will let you in as to why.”

Richard Perez: “First off, we arm 18 year olds; that’s the bulk of new recruits to our nation’s military. Secondly, people don’t really want an open discussion and talk about genuine solutions. They really just want to prove their side right. Politicians are just as bad or worse than most because their stances change depending on votes and public opinion.