Many people are complaining about Homeless camps throughout the city. What do you think could be some solutions?
Let’s talk about it…

Steven Espinoza: “City council needs to stop talking and start doing. They can also stop paying for unnecessary leftist agenda projects and put that money towards human beings that need help. Symbols here, symbols there… who cares if homeless people are having to endure the way the news has shown in the last week. Stop the political nonsense already and creatively help the humans in your districts. Be unpopular if you have to. Go against the grain. Have a backbone and stand up to the machine if that’s what it takes.”

Jimmy Robles: “I’m right here, ready with 100 tiny homes to house the homeless. Just need the city to support it. Houses have been sitting there for over a year. Pray that this will be the year we will open.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Everyone tends to blame the city, mayor, and government officials like they have a magic wand, or are some totalitarian society that can wield unchecked power. These are adults. American adults with rights that cannot be forced by any government entity to do anything. Local governments are powerless and continue to pass laws to try and make it difficult enough for them to try and reach out, but that has its limits. Families are powerless to stop their own members from ending up on the streets due to drug, alcohol, or mental health problems. It’s sad, and gets worse with no visible solution other than to shake our fist at the government who has the same power or less than we do. It’s always the other party’s problem, or the other form of governments not aligned with personal views of the fist shakers.”

Rebecca Perez: “I do realize some homeless people have just been dealt ugly cards. There are few who want to try to get off the streets and would want and appreciate the help. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that they all want help. Unfortunately, some do not want the help and prefer to live on the streets.”

Delia A. Guajardo: “God is Listening. He will answer your prayers to help out our homeless friends. Always at His time. Blessings Brother Robles.”

Javier Antonio Guzman: “Bexar County needs to waive the 30k permit fees it cost to build inexpensive homes so builders will build more affordable housing units. If there are more homes there will be less homelessness because the price of rent will come down throughout all of the housing economic sectors. There should be more homes than renters and owners. It’s simple to build more house units.”

Frank Archuleta: “I am willing to pay more to get Humanity back.”

Veronica Amaro: “We have empty movie theaters that our city should invest in and make a shelter with.”

Jeff Hull: “Well I think the city management team needs to stop focusing on making money and bringing in investors for out of town. They are practically giving away the inner city. Where the great majority of low income families live and are losing their homes to gentrification. The city also relied on Haven for Hope. Which is pretty much a money maker and they actually do very little for those most in need. Also, instead of just providing the homeless with shelter, a program should be put in place to educate the homeless. Many lack discipline in their lives and so they don’t know how to live what many of us consider normal life. There is much that an individual needs to learn and have in their tool belt so they can rise up. It’s also important to point out to individuals like those who commented “Get them a job” that, unfortunately, it’s not that simple for many. Especially those who have mental health concerns. The consensus is pretty much that homeless people are drug addicts and alcoholics but that’s not the truth. The great majority of homeless at places like Haven for Hope “ARE NOT ALCOHOLICS OR ADDICTS”. Many come from broken families or abusive relationships. An individual needs way more than just “a job”. Mental health is a major factor. . .Our city, Mayor and city managers have failed the homeless community. Hopefully someone will tag the Mayor here. He’s really avoided my calls. Instead of listening to those that have never been homeless. They should really work with those that have actually been there and were able to rise up.”

Jordan Boehne: “Mental health, rehab, real rehab ffs, and job fairs focused on re entry jobs to get them at least earning a steady income to start with.”

Jina Gaytan: “Give them sufficient shelter and job cleaning the city, to get themselves back on track.It works well in other cities.”

HB Aveela: “I say we try to see which people can be helped to get them back on their feet to work and begin a healthy medical regimen with counseling. As a community we should also have places with land for them to settle in and work on the land. Have them do community work and clean up our city. We assume that putting them in a room or apartment is going to work for them but maybe they want a place to live in the outdoors so work outdoors…”

Edna Lomeli: “Expand the Medicaid program in the state so they can receive proper medication and become functioning members of society. Many have mental health issues but no access to medication or insurance.”

Christopher Small: “Build a hotel for them. Furthermore, equip the facilities with professional healthcare and educational and employment placement program services for them and their families.”

Mary Yatty: “Most drug or alcohol addicted people want to live close to their source. Sadly, most have to reach rock bottom before seeking help.”