I received an email from a reader that I would like to share with you this week.

“While waiting on a family member at a doctor’s office, I overheard the doctor’s conversation with his patient. “Why haven’t you been vaccinated?” the doctor asked. His patient retorted, “I did research, and decided not to take the vaccine.” Information on social media and Fox News is not research. Reading research data on medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of American Medical Association, and others is scientifically reliable information! Anti-vaxxers need not be treated at hospitals. They should go home and consult with social media. Anti-vaxxers have the freedom not to get vaccinated, but not the freedom to infect others! These desperate times call for desperate action.” What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

​​Thomas Mc: “To be honest, there is nothing to talk about. The CDC has research funding in the billions. Believe me, you cannot do more research than they do. The problem is to actually research means to be willing to commit to reading scientific papers that can be 20-100 pages long, interpret the data, charts, jargon etc… Then to do comparative research, you need to either sample dozens of other papers and see what all the data aligns with or differentiate. Let’s be honest, how many people will do that? Fox News and others dumb down the reading to match the reading level of their readers. So, they (the readers) actually feel like they understand something and then say they have researched. LOL it’s a total joke. It takes time and practice to actually learn how to research. Hell, I’ve spent two semesters in grad school just learning how to do this the right way.”

Carmen Madariags: “But, of course the Billion dollar industry has all the info we “need to know ” right!? Nah! extremely wrong propaganda to further divide our flaking society! People need JESUS, just plain and simple! The evil in this world is metastasizing even into a lot of good hearts, with good intentions, but lack of discernment and BIBLICAL WISDOM! Don’t forget the vaccinated who now have Covid and are hospitalized! We will see after it’s been in the bloodstream for a few years! Many have suffered serious consequences immediately! I do not wish to blow your phone up with a massive amount of data, yes including scientific data, to state my case, and Facebook would probably block it out if I shared it! Nonetheless, I pray for your life, as I hope you will also pray for mine. Nothing researched on aborted fetal cells will ever go in my body! Nothing that changes my GOD GIVEN DNA will I willingly accept. I’m very careful, and respectful in public, including limiting my outside activities. I’m extremely cautious of caring for my immune system and nutrition. Most of all, LORD JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU. Anti-vaxxers need to not be treated at hospitals? I’m shocked at this mean ideology! So, when it comes to mutilation, death of the unborn, murder for hire, then, it’s “my body my choice”. However, when one chooses to not have experimental drugs injected, which have many proven dangerous side effects, then we are the bad guys!? Bad, according to this stated opinion, not even deserving of medical care in a hospital!? SHOCKING inhumanity! If the wokie-pokie is so good, then why do those WHO chose to get the woke-eee-pokie have so much fear of the non-pokie? You guys are all safe, right? Hope to talk about that after it’s been in your body, changing your blood cells and DNA after a few years! Prayers for all in these perilous times. Pray and fast.

Lydia Curran: “If they don’t want to get vaccinated, then don’t go to the hospital crying about being sick with Covid!!!”

Shawn Armstrong: “I agree. Also, don’t go crying to the hospital when you’re overweight and like to eat a whole large pizza and drink a liter of soda or cases of soda a week while you’re a raging diabetic, or you smoke so much that your lungs are shot. That’s a choice you made.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Some people can’t get a vaccine. It’s a choice. We make the same choice for flu shots. People get and die from the flu. It is like being unhealthy by choice. The 500 pound guy in the motorized scooter wearing a diabetic alert band buying soda and a 5 gallon tub of ice cream shouldn’t seek medical care for his diabetes. Eat a salad and exercise.”

Kelly Narvaez: “I agree that everyone has the choice, however, choices need to have consequences. If you choose not to get the vaccine and say get hospitalized with COVID, it should be on your own dime, because you had the availability to prevent the infection. Now, say medically you cannot, then that’s a different scenario. Just like wearing a seatbelt, you choose not to wear it, and get in a wreck and cause harm to yourself, that’s on you. It’s no one else’s fault, but your own. You get in a car and drive drunk and wreck, you lose your license or go to jail. Every choice has a consequence in one way or another. Good or bad. Also, if you don’t want the vaccine fine, why not wear the mask so you can protect others. And all that BS about ‘low oxygen’ from masks, blah, blah blah…if this was the case, all the nurses and doctors who have worn them for centuries would all be dead or on oxygen so I don’t buy it. People have a problem with smoking in restaurants, but they can’t wear a piece of cloth to protect those who honestly have true risks of dying if contracted and I’m talking about those who can’t get the vaccine. It’s messed up thinking, if you ask me.”

Lonnie Bradley: “First, I am vaccinated, so this is not about me. The vaccine is new, a type not used before, and long term. We don’t know what it will do. It doesn’t prevent you from getting, nor passing on the virus. So, saying getting vaccinated to save others, is simply not the way it works. And the argument about doctors wearing masks also holds no credibility, as they wear masks for shorter time periods between changes in a clean environment. Prior to Covid, doctors didn’t wear masks to come to you and talk, but there was a chance something could get into their nose or mouth. Also, deciding who gets medical treatment based on any arbitrary reason, be it vaccinated, or pre-existing conditions, or color of their skin, is just wrong.”