Tonight I was told about someone’s mother who is 56 years old that was almost abducted by a human trafficking ring. Apparently, these rings do not have an age or gender preference. I also found out this is not uncommon in San Antonio. When I think of human trafficking, I think of young girls. No one is safe from this. I find this very hard to believe; is this really happening in our city? People of all ages are being abducted and forced into human trafficking rings. Let’s talk about it…
Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead I heard one today also. 30 years old…
Dottie Laster I have rescued men, women, young, middle aged, and upper years. I have rescued U.S.Citizens, immigrants with and without documents. I assisted in recovering children, babies, sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, and friends.
Forced labor in all you can eat buffets, cantinas, domestic servants, commercial sex, office and house cleaning, landscaping, performers in churches, bookkeepers, carnivals, sports bars, massage parlors, karaoke bars, hotel/motel cleaning, forced marriages and many more.
You need to know not just who you pay but who’s labor you benefit from.
I have rescued US citizens some minors taken from here to another country, victims from another taken here and persons who never left their home. I have worked 2 cases involving serial killers, baby selling, and organ trafficking. This is scary and yet near all of us and our children.
Red Flags: An all you can eat restaurant with many cameras and staff who speak very little, cantinas without buildings, any commercial sex operation, any teen or young adult on the internet is bait, cult type organizations, door to door magazine sellers, beggars, works based church and recovery groups, and many more are examples where victims were exploited.
Robin S Tello: Im keeping my babies close, prima. I heard a baby was taken too from a dollar tree or dollar general not too long ago. Be aware of your surroundings if someone is following you. Call sapd!
Rick Carter: This is why keeping our Constables office fully staffed is so important… When i testified before Judge Wolff and Commissioners Court, i showed them a picture of a recently abducted 14 year old girl.. and held a moment of silence to get Wolff & the Court’s attention to the matter.. Then i pointed out how expensive statues, fancy parks, elaborate buildings do not compare to our public safety.. Commissioner Calvert is the only one who commended me on my efforts.. Everyone go vote the rest of them out of office in Nov., they really don’t care.. Thank you Jesus that 1 week later, that 14 year girl was found and returned to her family.

Monica Monica: I am at sex crimes detective for SAPD. The youngest age I’ve seen is 13 and oldest was 30 something. It is happening here in SA but ur right when u say it is uncommon. Now having said that, there are not very many detectives and other resources to look for this. It is more prevalent than we think. Runaway teenage girls are targets and women from Mexico are as well. So a young girl runs away and meets an older teenage boy who then introduces them into the life. She is pampered for a while with gifts to win their trust and then it starts.

Henry Herrera:That is so crazy!!!
Dana Quinones Heart breaking

Regina Deseri Gonzales So scary

Josie E. Maria Man that’s is scary. I talk my daughters everyday look behind you and around your surroundings because you never know who’s out there looking at you tracking your everyday schedule

Dottie Laster It is more often people they know, not strangers, or people they feel comfortable with because they have been groomed.

Monica Monica: Keep ur girls occupied and interested in school. Be a “helicopter mom”

Holly Adaline Stricker: I wish my 24 yr old son believed this but he does not ! He thinks it’s only children! He is so hard headed!!!!

Penelope Perez: In order for Texas to protect our women and children we have to also protect our sexworkers. It is the oldest job in the world and to prohibit it only allows people to fall victim to it. Decriminalize our bodies.