Racism is where someone thinks you’re inferior because of your color, ethnicity, nationality or race. This can result in them treating you differently or unfairly, this is called racial discrimination.If someone makes racist comments against you, do you get offended or do you ignore it? If you ignore it, is it weakness or resilience? What is the worst racist thing you have experienced? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Frances Potter: ”The United States is composed of immigrants. I am very proud of having both cultures, and have traveled some to learn about others! God bless the ones that think they are better than others. Only God is bigger and better and he made us all. It’s hard to educate stupid! Ignore it and move on. It’s not worth it!”

Manuel C Ortiz: “Dealt with many forms, just handle each different.”

Michelle Morris: “I have never faced racism in my life until we got stationed in NC. When we arrived we were starved and went to a local mom and pop restaurant where they stared and ignored us and my ex just said let’s go. I figured they were just busy. I went to camp Lejeune using what’s called 9 mile road and saw signs that read.. “ if you’re a N or a spic don’t let the sun shine down on you.” Again, didn’t know what that meant and my ex said not to worry about it and to not use that road again. Lastly, we were moving into base housing where we heard.. “ damn beaners are moving in.” I asked my ex and he sat me down and said that we are Mexicans and that I would probably hear and see a lot of racism but to ignore it. I remember crying and begging my ex to go back home. Through our tour there, I got stronger and chose to ignore ignorance. I still choose to ignore it. Please don’t get me wrong NC wasn’t all bad but that’s where I first encountered racism. I was brought up in a very strict Christian home and was raised to forgive others as they know not.”

Charles Mario Henry: “Where I’m from, we don’t let that ride. We check it right away. To ignore is too close to ignorance. Racism is something my people fought and died for TO THIS DAY. I will not let anyone disrespect my race or culture by ignoring the hate because it doesn’t teach any lesson. They can pray to God for forgiveness and healing of their racist mind after I check their ignorance.”

Carmen Madrigar: “Pray for their souls! My skin is brown and I don’t frown! I’m glad to be who I AM you see! Our blood runs rich with Amor and courage! My Chicana you can not discourage. Accept from the EYE OF THE EAGLE…cdelaMadariaga.”

Ramon Chapa Jr: “I ignore it! I am a U.S. Army Veteran and proud to be Mexican AMERICAN, Christian, College Educated and Good Looking! I really don’t care what anybody says! It is a major strength to know, “What to Ignore”! Jesus was the most criticized person to ever live. You know what he did, He Ignored It!”

Lydia Curran: “I don’t ever remember anyone ever saying anything like that to me, at least not to my face. But I would just laugh at them & walk away. Enough said.”

Do Nana: “When you forgive without demanding justice, you reward injustice.”

Adeymius: “There are many factors I look at, but most often I don’t take it to heart. People are different and some are more open minded than others. If I let it bother me, then I have not moved on with being better with my way of thinking. It’s a process to use critical thinking and learning to be better with communication in society.”

Denise Rodriguez: “The best way to fight oppressive, alien culture is to live your own.”