I find it interesting that there are still people out there that don’t or can’t realize that other countries aren’t the United States with the same freedoms and diversity. Like if you’re a Catholic in China and you remain loyal to the Vatican, going to mass means breaking the law. Twelve million Catholics worship in underground churches and face prosecution if caught. Do you think that we, as Americans, take freedom of religion for granted? Let’s talk about it.. #letstalkabout it

Hakuna Matata: “I’m not religious but I’m glad I live in the USA. This is why you can’t give the government too much power, they take away your freedom.”

Juan Carlos Hilario: “China has a war on religion not Christianity.”

Cami Shelton: “We, here in the United States, have taken so much for granted. Now parts of our Government are evil and they try to destroy all our freedoms. I have never in my life seen so much hate in government and they are so blinded to their own agenda. I look to God’s Holy Hill so that he will hear our prayers.”

Will Coslow: “I don’t remember China being part of the Vatican.”

Margarita Colon: “Here it comes; history repeats itself. IT IS WRITTEN”

James Miller: “This is the one thing China has right.”
Jerry Sherwood: “At least in China you get arrested, just think if this happened in a Muslim country. Off with their heads.”

Joanne Halbert Olson: “AND GUESS WHO IS BUYING UP THE USA???”

Joey Hernandez: “Communist country which also makes MAGA hats.”

Julia Blalock: “Not just Christians….Muslims, Buddhists…all religions are illegal in China.”

Don J. Long: “This is where loyalty to Christ, not the Vatican, means everything.”

Anne Scholl: “It is not just the Catholics. They arrested 19+ members of a house church last weekend. Those who follow God and Christ do not follow a religion. We have a personal relationship with our Creator. It is an honor to be persecuted for Christ.”

Leia Nicole Dickinson: “This is why America exists. Freedom of religion, but no thanks to Trump, a self proclaimed Jesus loving President who denied immigration for freedom from persecution. He could care less if your religious persecuted Jew, Christian or Muslim. You’re not rich, therefore, you’re unwelcomed in a country that stands for freedom from religious persecution.”

Billy Harper: “This is the country that we have allowed to flood our country with their goods. This means we are supporting whatever they do, and that includes supporting North Korea.”

Diana Conner: “China’s war on Christians is true, but China is also putting Muslims in concentration camps. China wants no freedom of personal faith or beliefs. It’s a terrible thing. On the other hand, there are Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia who force their citizens to believe only in Islam. In America, this administration only wants Christian beliefs to be the only religious belief. What have we all become is intolerant of the individual right to pursue our own personal beliefs. We still live in the Dark Ages of humanity.”

Rebecca Crowe: “This is such bull. I am American and went to mass in China. Many cities in China have no problem with mass.. The dark media is always demonizing China.”

Don Dishman: “And we have so-called Christians running around this country claiming that the country should follow their rules or they will go to hell.”

Millie DiPatrizio: “This is what you can expect from a dictatorship who does not believe in the creator of the heavens and the earth. Communism does not have a place in my heart. Evil system, abusive system, that is exactly what the government of China is. I am thankful to live in the United States of America where we can let freedom ring.”

Karen Robbins: “There is no freedom of worship in China.”

Sigrid Spidell: “That’s why I do not like nor participate in “organized” religion.”

Shayne Michael: “But no mention of the Muslim concentration camps?”

Patty Cashill Headley: “Not a China fan, but they have the right idea about organized religion. I would love to see them all go away. Believe in the real God, which is not a man. It is the best in us all.”

Wuhan: “That’s good. People should be loyal to their own country,not foreign countries, not religious leaders.”

Lolita Canonigo: “Catholics are sincere but deceived.”

Jeremy Moczygemba: “Shame on Chinese government.”

Jodi Dant Graves: “Sounds like the US when a democrat named Kennedy was elected president. I remember the political slogan was the Pope would be telling the president what to do.”
Walter Wilde: “Religion. Government. No difference.”

James Coleman: “But 45 says they are good people!! What did those Christians do for that to happen? I hope the Christians did not try to discover them and kill everybody in the name of God!”

Uche Uzoho: “Christianity and Catholicism is a scam.”


SB Stolley: “Well, staying loyal to the corrupt Vatican is a crime against logic!”

Penelope Perez: “I don’t think we take freedom of religion for granted in the U.S. My family is made up of Catholics, Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, new age healers and people who reserve Sundays for BBQs. We love each other and we love our privacy, we don’t solicit our belief systems to anyone.”