Two propositions on the ballot this year are Proposition A-continue Pre-K 4 SA for eight more years. The early childhood program provides pre-kindergarten education to about 2 thousand children every year. Pre-K 4 SA also provides workshops, seminars, and training for preschool through 3rd-grade early childhood educators throughout San Antonio. In addition, the organization provides more than $4 million a year in grants to area schools and childhood development centers. And proposition B -“Ready to Work SA Workforce” program. The initiative would provide job training, scholarships, and higher education to thousands of San Antonio residents. The program would be funded up to December 31, 2025. Are you voting for these propositions or are you voting against them and why? Let’s talk about it…
Marie Araiza: “NO TO ALL!!! Why? None of it benefits me or mine !!! It’s my vote!”

Thomas Mc: “Propositions that impact education especially young education are vital. The problem is too many people want to complain about education but then not vote on bills to fine or people like to say “it doesn’t benefit me” so , so what ? Hence why texas remains a laughing stock when it comes to education.Ignorance is apparently bliss.”

Steven Espinoza: “She disagrees with you, exercises her right to vote, and that’s your response? I’m sure you swayed many to join you in your perspective with that type of action. Typical 2020 “one side or the other” reply.”

Sandy Encina: “I think education affects everyone in one way shape or form. I have my trade and I don’t have preschool children but we should vote for the better of all not just for ourselves.These are great propositions and I am all for them.”

Anita Repya: “If all I was concerned about was myself, then yeah I would vote against. I look at the overall picture and how it will affect us as a whole. A good and healthy country is more than just about money. We need to work together .”

Penelope Perez: “The propositions are always complicated because they are determining where city funds will be allocated. The Pre K 4 SA initiative is particularly complicated because it will absorb the funds previously allocated to Edwards Aquifer Protections. I would like to fund both, but the proposition is only yes or no. I am afraid for the environment and the ninos, it is a really hard decision to make. There is also so much money thrown at marketing for these propositions that confuse all sides. Like I think it is so weird that the Mayor and local business owners have gotten behind the NO PETITION movement in regards to CPS and SAWS. As citizens it is our right to have a say in public utilities and most people are on board to check these public utilities that have gone out of control. Yet the NO PETITION marketing budget is huge and mailed out all of these door hangers to NOT PETITION. Meanwhile the grass roots gente who have been working with eco justice for decades have few volunteers and minimal marketing resources, but they are doing the right thing! Now more than ever, it is time to change the way CPS does business and pivot towards supporting small business owners and struggling citizens. Do your research on the props, they affect us all directly.