President’s Day is February 18th. What if Julian Castro becomes the first Hispanic President of the United States of America? Would you consider it an honor that he came from the west side of San Antonio? He could highlight issues that are happening in our own backyards. Do you think it’s time for a Hispanic to lead our country? Let’s talk about it…

Michelle Butler:
“I think he lacks public appeal and it would be hard to gain appeal on a national level.”

Anthony Adames:
“Julian Castro is a very intelligent person, he knows what he is doing. Henry Cisneros almost came close. My vote is for Julian Castro ALL THE WAY! Julian Castro doesn’t lack anything”

Maria Ahedo:
“Right now I believe anybody can be a good President if you can find a person who knows how to tell the truth. Donald Trump is a businessman, he knows what to say for people to believe him.”

Kirk Otto:
“I think he’s the only candidate that has a chance of beating Trump. If he can be very personable, it’ll help. I completely disagree with his views on socialism. If he pushes that too hard, I think it’ll be a mistake.”

Esteef Voldese:
“He’s lackluster and uninspiring. I do love him though. Henry Cisneros was on the very same path UNTIL Republicans saw him as a threat and brought him before Congress to catch him in a lie for paying hush money. They targeted him and they assassinated his political career.
What’s worse is Latinos allowed this to happen to one of their own and shunned Cisneros, when most of us have done WORSE! This is what’s happening to Ocasio-Cortez and now they’re trying to do this to Castro. They see him as a threat and then they use hatred to unite and destroy.”

Juan J. Gonzales:
“It’s my opinion that it sounds so awesome to have one of ours running that big Ivory Tower. However I Believe America IS NOT ANYWHERE close to having a Hispanic Commander in Chief!”

Epi Quiroga:
“I vote for the HOME TEAM – Regardless… We must support Julian Castro… It will not be an easy battle and I can’t wait to see him put the fight on for us. A San Antonio Native running for president – What an honor for our city.”

Michael Suarez:
“He also did a horrid job with funds given to San Antonio for low-cost housing, to the tune of 1.1 million. Obama gave him the HUD job that he ran into the red. San Antonio failed to properly spend funds approved by Congress to combat the housing crisis while President Barack Obama’s expected him to run the Housing and Urban Development better?”

Blue Rose Alvarez:
“I just don’t think he has paid his dues, yet. He still has a lot to learn and experience before he should take on the task of running for Democratic candidate for the office of the POTUS. Trump is significant proof of why we cannot vote for someone who does not have the experience to run this country.”

Nadine Barry:
“Yes, he would make a tremendous President and bring back class and education to the White House.”

Benjamin Godina:
“Until Quintana Rd gets new streets with sidewalks I will never trust a politician. Hispanics are not ready to be represented by one of their own. We are a loving breed culture with hard working ethics and integrity. It would take a man of those qualities to run. There isn’t many nowadays, unfortunately. Times are changing with greed and fame.”