Celebrities are starting to leave Twitter after the acquisition by Elon Musk. In a Tweet by Grammy winner Toni Braxton she describes what she has observed since the takeover:

“I’m shocked and appalled at some of the “free speech” I’ve seen on this platform since its acquisition. Hate speech under the veil of “free speech” is unacceptable; therefore I am choosing to stay off Twitter as it is no longer a safe space for myself, my sons and other POC. Is the Bird dead?”

Will you continue to use it? Let’s talk about it..

Eric Tello: “Celebrities – like everyone else – tend to make mount Everest out of a mole mound. Life goes on, people will continue to use Twitter, and nothing will change. IF ANYTHING…why is the media making a big stink about celebrities leaving Twitter and not the fact that the Department of Homeland Security planned on monitoring the platform for mal information, disinformation, false information or that TikTok was being used to spy on Americans? Personally, I find twitter to be a little bit of a contradiction: Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump for misinformation and other people for things like dead naming and what not, yet, it’ll allow topless photos and the like.”

Contero Garcia Angel: “Didn’t use it before. Not thinking of using it now to be honest.”

Michael Momo Chazz Martinez: “Left leaning people have been the most racist on Twitter in the past. Previous administration would leave them alone and hammer those on the right for made up violations. I’m a Libertarian and post truth. I’ve had one nastygram about a post over all the years.”

Beverly Brooks: “Twitter isn’t going to be a liberal haven anymore-big deal, people need to get over themselves. I don’t think Musk is losing any sleep over her or anyone else who threatens to never use it again. The idea that a social network platform should be fair and just to all points of views- EWWW, right??? I am not a supporter of cancel culture, but everyone has free will to use whichever platform they prefer. But because you’re appalled… I’m sorry, unless it’s unconstitutional, who cares? No one cared when I was appalled with people exercising their rights under free speech to riot, err, sorry, I mean “assemble” during BLM protests and numerous other occasions. The bird is not dead. It’s free.”

Charles Mario Henry: “#BIRD DEAD”

Frank Burton: “Twitter has never been my platform of choice and it still isn’t. All social media has turned toxic in general with belligerent people more worried about getting a rise out of the faction they don’t agree with. Hate speech and misinformation are amplified under the guise of free speech. As long as they monetize it, they don’t care. It’s all pathetic and a big part of our problem really. Common human decency needs to make a comeback.”

Robin S Tello: “I don’t have Twitter but hey if its going bad then thank God I don’t have it.”

Shawn Armstrong: “Just like when the pandemic happened, celebrities became even more irrelevant because they really don’t have much to do besides try to distract us from everyday life events but when they interject themselves into those events they become even more useless to society…that’s just my take. These Twitter Twats equivalent to the same people that said they were going to move out of the country when Trump won the presidency? And yet they’re still here. Just like those people will still be on Twitter even if they’re using a pseudonym.”

Carmen Madariags: “All social media is risky! The broad spectrum of mindsets represented open the doors of controversy, and even contempt by those of a different point of view. Then, there are those whose intention is straight up evil, they are taking down names and making lists to retaliate and that, in my opinion, is a fact, whether I can prove it or not! The desire to express ourselves it’s so natural and so human! The desire to utilize our own expression against us is evil. We take the risk, hopefully to help anyone who will be strengthened from our sharing!”THE TRUTH will set us free”.except on social media where it sends one to jail! Lol… As a repeat offender I know too well, “Free Speech” is no longer free. If my point of view does not agree with your point of view it can be called hate! Well simultaneously pornography, non-biblical marriage and sexual Union, influence to bypass parental Authority etc are considered tolerant and acceptable! We live in a world spinning quickly out of control let your home base be the word of God and all the twitters Facebook philosophies and influence will come into quick transparency when balance by the word of almighty God who by the way created all the frequencies for his honor and Glory but satan does work to twist things!!!Social media is risky, it is also addictive! Apply balance and temperance, seek TRUTH, and if you tweet or don’t tweet, the only lasting influence will not come from the little birdie, but from the dove , THE HOLY GHOST reveals all TRUTH and leads us into all righteousness!!!”

Chris R. Pelayo: “Meh, Twitter was a one sided sh** show and now it’s a two sided sh** show. True freedom is messy. It’s fine, certainly better than it was in my opinion.”

Benjamin Godina: “First of all…loving the hashtag! Have to say, I love the good ole days!”

Cynthia Elizabeth Crossley: “It is his company now. Time to clean the house.”

Ann L. Neftin: “I don’t need to be on Twitter anymore. I deleted my account.”

Beyar Ibrahim: “Man, what I’d give to be a fly on the wall in that building right now….go Elon!”

Laura Evans Whittle: “And in the first 12 hours after he acquired the site, use of the “n” word increased 500%, as reported by Heather Cox Richardson.”

Predrag Katic: “It is a private company and in capitalism it is his business what he will do with his company. If you do not like it, you should go to other networks.”

Abdullah Ahmed: “Good. I hope he buys the New York Times as well.”

David Hambly: “So glad I don’t have a Twitter account! So glad!”

Christine O Sobczak: “After 24 hours of trying to deactivate my Twitter account it is not allowing me to deactivate…”

Arie Goldshlager: “Proof of work’ Amid layoff fears, some Twitter employees were instructed to print out copies of the code they had written recently as possible proof of work, said two people with knowledge of the situation.”

Bizarro Kimo: “I’m sure the guy who can’t even understand Python is going to do great.”

Euel Reed: “Does anyone know how much money he made on his first attempt to purchase this Twitter? The stock price jumped a lot when he pulled his offer? Did he make enough to purchase the controlling interest of the company? Just wondering.”

Brian Hansen: “If you can’t share a platform with people who don’t agree with your ideology or view of science, then you’re the problem- not the other people.”

Tomas Makky: “Using Twitter these days is like using myspace. The Shift has Hit the Fan. Amazing! Love what Musk is doing!!”

Margaret Hough: “GM has paused any ad revenue for Musk. One of the executives he fired had a golden parachute clause that is paying him $25M. Hope the others had the same clause.”

Dan Pilson: “If we thought we had our data harvested before…. buckle up cupcakes.”

Navas EJ: “Twitter is for old people- go to TikTok.”

Cody Schaedler: “All the liberals “quitting” Twitter bc a moderate liberal has taken over but calls other social networks “conservative”.”

Janice Brames: ““Free Speech” was a concept devised by the Framers of the constitution strictly to protect citizens from being jailed for critiquing their government and protesting. That’s why slander and libel laws are Constitutional. because “Free speech” doesn’t mean you can lie and do harm. It also does not mean that a publisher, (like a newspaper or social media outlet) is obligated to print anything everyone says. You have a right not to be jailed for criticizing politicians and government policy but no one is constitutionally obligated to print or broadcast your bullsh*t. If Elon Musk is going to do it for you, two things: A) It will cost you. B) You better not criticize him.”

Seán Patrick Thompson: “To all employed at Twitter: Leave. Leave now. It’s not going to get better and you will most likely be fired anyway. If everyone leaves, it puts the company in a serious bind. The heyday of Twitter passed quite some time ago. Just leave.”

Sam Woodlief: “A man with no soul buying up a dead social media platform. Happy Halloween.”

Marty Waddell: “Translation: the FBI is no longer in control of censoring accounts.”