On October 3, 2021, I did a “Let’s Talk about it” on Diabetes. I made the following statement : “the disease ruins your cardiovascular and renal systems…. And the drugs, like metformin, that are prescribed, may encourage the onset of dementia.” I received this information from a friend of mine who was prescribed this medication and told me about it. She began forgetting things and asked her doctor if this was a side effect and he told her it could be among several others. I am by no means a doctor or in the medical profession. My article was not meant to discourage anyone from taking this medication. It was meant to start the discussion about diabetes so we can start being more aware of what is happening to us and our loved ones. I received a phone call from a doctor here in town who told me that this was an irresponsible statement. He stated this medication is a good medication to treat diabetes and that it saves many people’s lives. If my statement discouraged anyone from taking this medication, that was not my intention. Like any medication that is prescribed to you, please consult your physician before starting and stopping use.

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I have PCOS. Metformin is used because decreased insulin production is part of the syndrome. When my mom got meningitis the brain scans revealed she had dementia I asked my gyn about it possibly of dementia being hereditary. He took me off the metformin because of her dementia. I think that you made people aware so that they could have those discussions with their doctors. If a doctor gets upset when patients ask questions then that’s a good sign you need a new doctor. Doctors need to listen to their patients’ concerns and work to come up with solutions together.”

Eric Tello: ‘Sheesh. You’d think someone was sensible enough to come to the conclusion that these discussions are nothing more than discussions and not something that to be taken seriously. “

Rick Carter: “Read labels… Watch for sugar.. Green tea has more sugar than a coke? Crazy.. keep posting Yvette Tello !”

Carmen Madariags: “To the contrary!!! People do not speak enough about negative side effects! Awareness is an essential part of health care. So many pharmaceuticals are taken without patients’ full disclosure of possible adverse reactions. Most seldom, if ever, read all the inserts!!! Any suppression of knowledge makes me want to “ talk about it!”

Todd Forbes: “See this is where FB fails- see I think the comment was good because it brought up a side effect that could hurt people- which in turn should cause people to STOP / pause and read labels do some research and have a discussion with your doctor and or pharmacist and then decide if the side affects are worse than what it treats – if that’s true for you then act on your beliefs!!!! That’s the way it’s supposed to work!!! But FB attacks the conversation by stopping people from bringing out the awareness- Keep doing your thing Yvette – I love the conversations -”

Susan Clayton Muegge: “The use of Metformin in control of diabetes far exceeds the side effects. Amputated limbs , renal failure which leads to dialysis 3 times a week for the rest of your life. Not to mention a stroke I had in 2014 due to high blood sugars. I had to train myself to walk. Talk. I lost my hearing on the Right side and had double vision for 2 mos. fortunately I have very little residual and I got back to almost normal but if anything like this happens again I want to die. My mom died from Alzheimer’s. Sure she was without memory but she died happy. And I have been a nurse for 32 years. Should have known better. It took over a year to recover”