I read somewhere that relationships with Hispanics take a lot more time and energy than with Anglo-Americans! Being Hispanic myself, I know I am guilty of stretching out goodbyes way too long, but more energy? Ok, I guess there is some truth to that. Like latino parties. They tend to last until the break of dawn. It is not uncommon for your guests to arrive at least an hour late. Mexican parties have their own etiquette; I can agree to that. They are louder. Way louder. Music is on most if not all of the time, Bachata, Ranchera, Reggaetton, Latin Pop, Classical Mexican songs, all types of genres are on. For some reason, Mexicans love bouncy houses, so there probably is one for the kids. Many times there are 2 piñatas instead of one. One for adults and one for kids. There’s a bunch of people at the party that you’ve never met in your life but your mom says most of them are your cousins so you go with it. You also find out the person you’ve been crushing on is at the party and is actually your 2nd cousin. You have that one funny alcoholic uncle that starts to sing horribly along to songs and becomes emotional. The time to eat cake comes around but first you have to do the infamous Latino Cake Smash. But it’s not a party unless you have what? Let’s talk about it…

Mark Alfaro: “Tacos and tequila.”

Jacob C. Garza Jr. “Las tías con el Chisme!!!”

Richard Martinez: “Tequila shots.”

Art Escobar: “Pinata.”

Luis Estrada: “Presidente.”

Joe Arriaga: “Beer, BBQ and that one necio primo, prima, uncle, or tia!”

Frank Burton: “A drunk tia making a scene bringing out everyone’s dirty laundry. The original reality TV.”

Gracie Ortiz: “Salsa , hot dogs, Caprisun.”

Kristina Zavala: “Loud music.”

Molly Torres: “Raza.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Beer.”

Emilio Ledezma: “Tequila, a piñata, a cake and a ton of food and Coronas. Now that’s a party. One more thing; the grito and loud Mexican music.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “People showing up late! Now that’s a true Mexican party!!”

Jeff Hull: “The drunk tio hitting on all your female friends.”

Laura Arellano: “Carne asada and that one drunk Tio sleeping on the side.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I’d agree about the parties. It’s how I grew up though. You knew going to a Hispanic friend’s party was going to be extra – alllllllll the family and friends – it was special. We always had a family party and a friends party.”

Fred Camargo: “The crazy aunt or uncle that’s either stoned, drunk or both.”