By Yvette Tello
San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro is catching heat for posting a list of local maximum amount contributors to President Donald Trump’s campaign in San Antonio. One local news source calls his actions “infectious.” This comes after an investigation of an anti- immigrant, white supremacist manifesto apparently posted by the shooter that riled against the “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and other language similar to that used by Trump on the campaign trail. Do you think the Congressman’s action was done with malice intention? Let’s talk about it…

Monica Monica:
“It was the way that he did it. I support President Trump but I don’t condone mass shootings. I give to the charity, I have volunteered at the food bank, I buy supplies for needy children. I’m not the monster he or people like him portray me to be.”

Thomas Mc:
“It’s public info so technically it was shared with the public. If I wanted to mail every person in town this info I can legally. Plus other groups have done the same thing using different channels of communication.”

Patrick Southard:
“He posted it in a negative light on purpose to get people fired and make businesses suffer. I don’t think people should fear their representatives and I hope he doesn’t get elected again.”

Lisa Hernandez:
”Nothing Congressman Joaquin Castro did com- pares to the unmitigated hate Trump’s unleashed on AmeriKKKa.”

Zachary Garcés:
“He tried to divide the city. He’s only hurting his city he claims he loves and hurting the local businesses and the employees of the companies he’s trying to have people boycott.”

Bryan-Barb Jabara:
”1. Just as a moral issue, you shouldn’t donate to any party if you’d be embarrassed if that information was made public. 2. Since Citizen’s United, all political contributions should be public. We deserve to know who’s buying our politicians like your homeland Bore-us or the NRA, or the Koch’s.”

Jesse Cotton Martinez:
“So what was he trying to accomplish by publishing this list? He is guilty of creating an additional rift; the same thing he says Trump is doing. What a mashugana?”

Sulieti Tautu’u FonuaAngilau:
“Just run a campaign, stop stoking hate and division.”

Juancho Becerril:
“Well done Congressman! I wish more representatives had the courage to inform their constituents in the way you have!”

Kelly Bale Willis:
“This is an invitation to harassment at the very least, if not economic or physical assault. You had no decent motive to do this. I hope your constituents are smart enough to see what you’re willing to do because you disagree with someone. Their turn might be next.”

Alicia Reddick Helton:
“Thank you so much, Congressman Castro, for your post and for the civilized and truthful way you’ve handled the aftermath. You did nothing more than share public information that is very useful to your constituents, facts that were already public knowledge but not always easy to get for the average person. When the issues are as devastatingly important as they are today, those of us who still have hope for a future in this country (and I’m speaking now as a native, not just for immigrants) need to be able to identify those donors who control so much of our everyday lives with their business and then seek to control even more through political contributions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Kathy Clinton:
“I have no problem with what you did. I have no problem with anyone knowing who I donated to. It is public record if people would try and educate them- selves on their candidates.”