By Yvette Tello
Have you ever been in the passing lane with someone holding up traffic flow and wonder why they will not get out of that lane? Do you know it is common practice and law on some United States highways that the left lane is reserved for passing and faster-moving traffic, and that traffic using the left lane must yield to traffic wishing to overtake? Slow traffic must stay right. Do you think there should be a bill aimed to keep slow driv- ers out of the left lane to curb road rage? Are you the slow driver on the left lane or are you the person getting the road rage? Let’s talk about it…. #letstalkaboutit

Reggie Brown:

Patrick Southard:
“I will be honest, people in the passing lane playing pace car piss me off so much that I will shoot past them, get in front of them, then go 10 mph slower than them till they move over to pass me. Then I just gun it.”

Rick Carter:
”That is provocative & illegal.. You will be reported to the police for reckless endangerment. Just drive on & leave them be! Go- ing 70 or more on 410 is technically speeding. Just cause someone wants to go 80 doesn’t give them the right to tailgate, road rage, take the law in their own hands. They can drop their narcissism & go on.. Let the police handle it if they are breaking the law.”

Frank Pancho San Miguel:
“Hell yeah some people are just ignorant.”

Marie Araiza:
“Good point!!! That would be a great bill for all of us. Your topic is a good one to have someone listen about. #letstalkaboutit. Thanks”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“They’ll ticket you on the toll loop thing around Austin if you hang out in the left lane.”

Blue Rose Alvarez:
“If you’re in the left lane and folks are passing you on the right, move over!”

Mike Tello:
“Passing is for passing, yes, but people think it’s a fast lane and want to go faster. The speed limit is a speed limit no matter what lane you’re in. A driver can go 15 mph below posted speed limit if they want on any lane and you will not get ticketed. Don’t believe, read the handbook or look at signs that give you the maximum and minimum speed.”

Henry Medina Alvarez:
“I get road rage in HEB with a shopping cart!”

Benjamin Godina:
“Yup. Get out the way.”

Anita Repya:
“I HATE when people do that. In some states, Michi- gan for one, it is illegal for slower driving in the left lane.”

Sandra Cabello-Spratt:
“I’ve actually seen a cop pull over a person slowing traffic down on the fast lane.”

Tonya Pant:
“Left lane should be for passing. If you’re tying it up, regardless if doing speed limit or not, you should re- spectfully move right. If they choose to speed in left lane, they know the risks they are taking and it’s for law en- forcement to handle – mean- while it’s still “slower traffic keep right” (not – ‘unless you’re enforcing speed limit for other drivers’) – you can get back in left lane after they pass. Let’s start by focusing on those doing under 70 on 1604 in left lane.”

John M Velasquez:
“I campaigned on this issue when I ran for Mayor in 2017 & 2019 and many other is- sues regarding traffic in San Antonio, Texas.”