Our culture, the Latino culture is the American culture. There isn’t much we do not influence. Food, music, language, sports; you name it. It’s not the money; it’s the journey. First we made the food, then we owned the restaurants. First we cleaned the houses, then we owned them. You can be born poor and you can still have power when you are born a latino. We have broken boundaries and we have opened doors. Imagine if we all came together and used our power for the same cause. It is our time. We are a powerful, loyal culture. Do you believe it is the Latino vote that can choose the next President? Let’s talk about it..

Letty Garcia Tijerina: “I do believe that the general public does not realize how much actual power Latinos have. We hopefully will have a big part of this historic race. Please vote!!!”

Sally Ann Larios Herrera: “That’s the thing we have not really learned; if you do well in life, you can help me do well in life. Instead, we show jealousy and discouragement . Si se puede. Let’s all get together and get this done right!!”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “The Latino Vote is so divided it saddens me to see so many have forgotten where their parents, grandparents, ancestors came from and behave like they are not Latinos. It’s ok to have your own beliefs and vote for whom you feel fit. But to act like you are not Hispanic/Latino and Criticize Your Own Race? That is not acceptable.That is my concern when it comes to us having the power to choose the next President! I do hope we all go out and vote. I have biracial children and as a parent I’m always talking to my children about both cultures and how important it is to know where they come from. I ask my youngest, ‘what are you?’ He responds “I’m American.” I love that he is bold and knows who he is but I also add that he is an American with Hispanic/Latino and Black. I tell him he’s “Haixican” lol.. Dad is Haitian, which is in Latin America. Because most of the population is African descendants, they need to learn about its culture as well. I just feel It is important to know where you come from and appreciate your roots! My dad’s mom came from Italy and my mom’s side are all Spanish and German. My plan is to one day visit to experience my ancestor’s culture! YES, LETS VOTE. WE CAN DO THIS!”

Roxanne Perez: “I’ve been criticized for not being Hispanic enough, I don’t speak fluent Spanish, barely speak Tex-Mex. I’m not Mexican, but I am some form of Hispanic, so I’ve been treated unfairly from plenty of Mexican American people living in SA all of my life. Unfortunately, there’s racism in every aspect, every culture. I truly wish that could change. Let’s talk about that.”

Gerard Bustillo: “We can do it…we can do it…we can do it! All kidding aside. Much of the media discussion about Latino/ Hispanic voters is centered on immigration, which makes it easy to forget that some, not all, care about. Most Latino/Hispanics aren’t even immigrants. Two-thirds of them were born here which makes them more American than Mexican, or any other Spanish speaking country; especially if they’re second, third or even fifth generation. Although, we all keep some traditions and some values as most of us American-Hispanics, some of our demographic can not hold a conversation in Spanish. (And adding the letter “O” after every word does not count). Realistically, no matter our heritage the citizens of Mexico or other Latin countries really look down on Americans with a Hispanic background. What really enticed our past relatives to journey to this specific country? Perhaps, it was the dogs, basketball and apple pie? Not really. It was more than likely freedom and capitalism. If I’m wrong, look at all businesses owned by Hispanics. Yes, other things like health care as well. Americans with a Hispanic heritage today care for the same things like the economy, health care and education. If I’m not mistaken, that’s everyone in the United States of America. In past years, the Hispanic vote has surpassed other minorities to which we have become the largest group of all minorities. Our grads and undergrads either at a two or four-year colleges, care about walling off the southern border and amnesty for Dreamers. As well as how to pay off our student loans. We pay them, not pass off our bills for others to pay. Don’t you agree? Well the responsible ones will. Every two or four years, the minority vote is always a concern for candidates. Did they do as they said they were going to do last time? Most of the time, it’s no they did not. Doing what is right is not always easy. Especially if one campaigned on hot topic issues. Sometimes to do what one campaigned on will ruffle a lot of feathers. The more feather ruffled the more one is holding true to one’s campaign promises. Hispanics with working-class wage gains and record low unemployment and low poverty rates were the best ever in 30+ years prior to the Kung-Flu pandemic. We, all as Americans, might keep all this in mind even after all these other issues are put out to forget about today; it’s about tomorrow’s issues. The Hispanic vote is in the crosshairs of the election. Cancel culture is making most Hispanic Americans to forget what we all really stand for and what our past relatives came here for; it was freedom and capitalism; the ability to make money and get paid for what your work is worth.”