Well the time is here.. AI is about to take over the world. Pros: Efficiency. AI can perform repetitive tasks with high accuracy and speed, which can save humans time and effort. Precision: AI can analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns that humans may not be able to detect, leading to more precise decision-making. Innovation: AI can enable the creation of new products, services, and industries that were previously impossible or impractical. Safety: AI can be used in hazardous environments, such as nuclear power plants, to reduce the risk of human exposure to danger. Cons of AI: Job displacement. AI can replace human workers in certain tasks, leading to job loss and economic disruption. Bias: AI systems can inherit and amplify human biases, perpetuating discrimination and inequality. Privacy: AI can collect and analyze personal data, raising concerns about privacy violations and surveillance. Unpredictability: AI can behave in unexpected ways, which can be difficult to control or anticipate. Do you think AI is the best thing that happened to us or the worst? Let’s talk about it…

John Hanna: “ The clock is ticking, we will likely soon see AI hold control of every person’s financial access where anyone it deems disobedient will be placed on restriction.”

Joey Santibanez: “I already see a highly intelligent robot in the future.”

Gene A. Gomez: “Same old story: The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I think the cons outweigh the pros. People losing jobs over AI which could and possibly will malfunction or get hacked at some point.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “AI is great as long as it’s not connected to the internet and people dont abuse it, but the way the world is and the way people are, unfortunately we are going to be screwed.”

Roy Cruz: “HELL NO! Not a good idea.”

Alison Waltho: “The agenda for robots is to replace & dominate humans. The game is to desensitize you! To put you in chains. WAKE UP!”

Jaylon Griffin: “This is not funny, this is dangerous to our world, a lot more dangerous than the guns some people are worried about.”

Monica Robello-Beckmann: “This is not funny at all, to me. It’s down right scary.”

Milton Ravenberg: “Forgive them for they know not what they do!”

Tracy Bailey Owen: “Man destroying the human race and we laugh. God help us!”

Rogerio Melo: “This is going to happen. There’ll be millions of jobs lost. These old movies come to life. Remember when everybody laughed about what was the name of that guy that went to the moon back in the old days. They shot to move moon shots with a little spaceship with little smoke coming out of Roy Rogers. I think everybody used to laugh. Nobody’s going to the moon but they did it .Now, they’re going to Mars. Pretty soon they will have these robots and these companies run by robots. There won’t be jobs left for the people. Can you imagine what’s going to happen?”

Mthunzi Sizwe Sinamuva Ngubane: “They showed us this in I robot. Who knows what these things can do and achieve. Their intellectual capacity develops far quicker and superior than ours. Some new inventions will be the death of us.”

António Eduardo Mandinje Matombe: “This is good beginning to dominate human race”

Hamid Zarifketabi: “It is very concerning. But it seems the force behind the AI and robots is stronger than people’s will; sad.”

Joeann Malone: “They’ll soon outsmart us and get rid of us.”

Dennis Lynn Rowe Jr.: “That’s amazing!! But…kind of scary, like I Robot and Terminator scary.”

Lance Johnson: “They wouldn’t be able to play basketball, frisbee, volleyball etc. Best for exploiting human psychology and pulling triggers.”

U Maung Thin: “AI is a very, very wonderful technology.”

Ibad Atal: “Dangerous! I must say, such stuff will bring chaos. The only thing they are good for is nothing. Humans are awesome.”

Teara Kaye Larson: “I watched the movie…it didn’t end well.”

Brad Bowden: “They probably are not too far from figuring out how to put a human brain into a robot so people can live forever.. scary stuff. Guys, it’s a crazy world we live in.”

Alison Waltho: “These friendly robots are programmed to say what you want to hear. YOU are the one being programmed by the robot to desensitize toward them. BEWARE! THESE ROBOTS will serve a time until they will be programmed to have authority over you. WAKEUP to what’s ahead! Yes as it speaks … to dominate the human race.”