Remember those nostalgic days from our childhood when the back-to-school season would roll around? Did you have a favorite teacher or a funny school event that still makes you smile? Friday night football games or after the game dances… What is your favorite back to school memory? Let’s talk about it…

Roger Reyna: “Excited to wear my new school clothes.”

Michelle Rushing: “Sneaking off campus at lunch to smoke a joint, football games, basketball games, rectangle pizza, enchilada Wednesdays, smoking area, computer programming.”

Belinda Mayen-Aldana: “Mrs. Murin, the rock concerts and the haunted house.”
Mikey Barrera: “Ms Murin would let me sleep in her class but if she was writing on the chalkboard I was wide awake.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “Mr. Segura, my band teacher. I couldn’t wait to have band practice again.”

Ralph Tello: “Seeing Friends, old girlfriends..I’m fortunate enough to have some friends reach out still from school.”

Chris Castillo: “In elementary..I loved the bike rodeo. It was my favorite.”

Roy Cruz: “Smoking area.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “Sports.”

Terry Diaz-Babida: “Friday night at pizza place is in jr high school and in high school hamburger hill after football games.”

Mikey Barrera: “For me it was wondering how much people would change ,either, stretched out ,lost weight, changed hair style or back in the was are you a biker or a lowrider.”

Lydia Curran: “Like seeing friends.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Miss the food fights.”

Sandy Tapia: “I remember everyone always wanted the ButterKrust book covers. I remember going to the ButterKrust bakery and the smell of the bread during field trips.”

Shelly Warmuth: “I love fall—the crisp air, the smells, the changing colors and I guess going back to school represents this in some way.”

JB: “I generally see my friends during the holidays, or else I would have said them, so I would say seeing all of the other people in my year and how they have changed since I last saw them.”

Joshua Gross: “As faculty, I’m at one of my favorite parts of the fall: Homecoming. Students do come back, and they remember us and we remember them (small school). They’ve gone and done good, great, and interesting things, and we get to see the fruits of our and their hard work.”

Hilary: “When I was a child, I think I looked forward to going back to school for the structure and the people. At the beginning of every summer, it was pure bliss to abandon the textbooks and enjoy the freedom of sleeping in, splashing in the pool, getting together with friends, and reading for pleasure. After three months the walls would be closing in on me and I’d feel so ready for a more structured life and ready to see more than just a few people. I loved my mom but ‘Enough already!’”

Heather Smith: “I teach middle school and I love my students. The best part of the new school year is meeting my new students and seeing my former students.”

H Ying: “Definitely my favorite part of going back to school is getting back into the routine, and meeting familiar faces.”

Denise Teniente: “ The Southwest High School Rockfest!”