This week was national bucket list day. A bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. What are some things on your bucket list? Let’s talk about it. …

Sandy Tapia: “To go to New York City and visit ground Zero.”

Cleto Rodriguez: “Perform at Madison Square Garden and Grand Ole Opry!”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Go to Greece with my family!”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “Be self employed! I kind of am but not 100%! A Trip to Peru, Hawaii, Turkey, Bali, Greece & Italy!”

Veronica Mendoza: “Visit all states in continental US -7 Down.”

Gracie Ortiz: “Connect my woman spirit with my love while a waterfall runs down on us two.”

Veronica Ronnie Vasquez: “ To go see the Northern lights.”

Michael Momo
Chazz Martinez:” To not be awesome for a single day.”

Rick Carter: “Making a politician cry and suffer hurt feelings and emotion distress because You told the truth!”

Rose Shirley: “Learn ASL (Sign Language) Alphabet and Counting to 10.”

Areya G: “Go To Paris.”

Joe Esquivel:
“Go Parasailing.”

Roger Velasques:
“Fly A Hot Air Balloon.”

Jenny Gonzales:
“Have Children.”

Elijah Martinez:
“Go To Disney World.”

Joan Newsby:
“Go To Australia.”

Roxy B: “Fly First Class.”

Richard Lopez:
“Fall In Love.”

Tamara Sellers:
“Go On A Safari In Africa.”

Nancy Weimer:
“See The Great Wall Of China.”

George Rodriguez:
“Go Skinny Dipping.”

Yolanda Gallegos: “Visit Hawaii.”

Yvonne Mendez: “Go To The Airport And Take The Next Random Flight Somewhere.”

Charles Sandoval: “Travel The World.”

Jackson: “Go To Greece.”

Adam Collins: “Learn To Play The Guitar.”

Stephanie Seclar: “Visit Italy.”

David Hernandez: “Go Whale Watching.”

Michelle Brooks “Visit

Sebastion Benavidez: “Go Bungee Jumping.”

Gloria Ramirez: “Ride A Camel.”