A container of butter in the fridge that doesn’t have butter in it but salsa is very common in a latino household. Everytime you pass by a church, you make the sign of the cross, everytime you greet your family when coming into their home, it’s a kiss on the cheek for everyone, and there is always Vicks somewhere in the house to cure any ailment known to man. What other things do you only see in latino households? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Gregorio De La Paz: “All the pots and pans are on the stove, bags of rice and beans everywhere and 20 lb bags of flour.”

Larry Don: “Cereal boxes on top of fridge.”

Josephanie Franco: “There’s a room/couch/item in your house you’re only allowed to
use for special occasions, in addition to your special occasion shoes, dress, and medias (pantyhose).”

David Nava: “There’s plastic on some piece (or every piece) of furniture in your home.”

Brandon Garcia: “ There’s a photo of la Virgen, Jesus, or a cross hanging on the wall.”

Jennifer Perez: “The last supper painting or mirror.”

Roseanne Mendez: “Asking parents/grandparents/elders for a “bendicion” when you arrive or leave the house.”

Margo Lopez: “Apartment has to be “cleansed” before you move in because you can’t live in a house full of evil spirits.”

Andrew Martinez: “ Your home is full of religious candles.”

Stephanie Rodri: “Your house smells like food all the time.”

George P: “You have champagne before age 12 because that’s what you do at a quinceanera.”

Maria Aguiterrez: “Your grandma started feeding you solids when you were 4 months old; never mind what the doctor had to say about it.”

Serena G: “ You know it’s time to clean up when mom puts on some loud spanish music, and the house smells like Pine Sol.”

Jasmine Medellin: “ La chancla.”

Eric Garcia: “ Everyone in your family has a weird nickname. Gordo, Flaca, Comelon.”