A tax rate of $0.299999 per $100 valuation has been proposed by the governing body of BEXAR COUNTY. Local governments set tax rates and collect property taxes that they use to provide local services including schools, streets, roads, police, fire protection, and more. How do you feel about raising property taxes? Let’s talk about it…
Rose De la Fuente: “Just keep raising the taxes. Be prepared for More Houseless Individuals who are on fixed incomes and then rent increased. saddens me…”

Mike Kussen: “Just remember this: ALL TAXATION IS THEFT!”

Samuel Harameo: “The corrupt officials you elected.”

Leylah Miroslava: “ Every person here is mad but at the same time many vote for Democrats! They love taxes without representation. According to them, bigger taxation makes a great “Social” government. They are selling us the idea that with this money (Taxes) you will benefit more from social programs, like housing for homeless (they are still in the streets) food stamps which is a scam, medicare, unemployment financial help. Socialism takes the money from the rich and gives it to the poor. Enough is enough. My taxes should follow my kids.”

Tommy Smith: “ Somebody’s gotta pay for all the illegals and losers. It’s the liberal Democrat way. Make homeowners and businesses pay for all your stuff. Makes me sick. We do need taxes for a clean and healthy city. Hidden fees and unexplained taxes are not right. Taxation without representation is illegal. Who’s my representative?”

Lynn Kirkman: “ The local Counties bully you when you try to fight them. This needs to stop! Every homeowner has the right to fight them.”

Tamtha Clark: “Actually, income tax should not exist. Why tax income that has already been taxed at payroll? Before income taxes, we had roads schools’ police and all. Today, our taxes go into whatever projects the city or state, local governments choose to work on. Most of the money has become a kickback scam for lifetime politicians to line their pockets. Look at our roads, schools, police and fire departments and tell us we are getting our money’s worth; Not at all. I am sick to my stomach paying taxes for homes we busted our butts to pay off. Mortgages only have to pay yearly rent by way of property taxes for a home that had taxes on every payment, the insurance and the ground it sits on the whole while we paid it off. Not even a little help to keep up the property is offered to the homeowner, usually elderly by the time they finish with the payments, but they can be put out of a home for not paying the taxes. It’s criminal.”

Juan Macias: “Thankfully I’m a 100% disabled veteran, I’m exempt from paying property tax, and my kids will reap that benefit as well.”

Steve Maley: “ Property taxes pay for: police, fire, EMS, traffic lights & signs, sidewalks, teachers, schools, street cleaners, sewers, local roads and more. OR we can get rid of property taxes and go back 300 years in time to the wild west with no: law, roads, education and survival by only the gun of the fastest and most accurate shooter, lack of civilization.”

Todd Mcdaniel: “I had to hire a professional company to fight a proxy war against the Bexar county appraisal district. They wanted to increase my home’s value by 82,000 which would have been 22% increase in a single year. In three prior years, appraisal has risen $75,000. They adjusted it downward by $36k!”

Marcus Ramirez: “Look up the local appraisers/judges/County officials properties and then blast it on facebook. I’ve seen many of them not move in years. Rules for thee but not for me.”

Tom deYoung: “ Why do San Antonio property owners have to pay for the Medical District, and Colleges?”

Denise Guiterrez Homer: “That is your County tax. Voters also voted for free college education known as the Alamo Promise. Students and employees also get free VIA passes.The hospital is for covering those without health insurance, illegals, homeless, addiction or mental health patients without income.”

Paula Malcolm: “Biggest scam they tell you,“we have not raised your taxes on your property. Assessment have increased.’”

Edwin Bailey: “The State audits appraisal districts to make sure that they have the value as high as possible. It’s a finger pointing game with three degrees of separation.”

Anthony Murray: “ Stop voting democrat. I came from New York where my parents property tax is higher than the mortgage. You don’t want that here in Texas.”

Donald Chase: “Whoever it is that does the taxing has long bypassed every reasonable law that the Texas legislature has passed in an attempt to quell their greed. They passed a law capping the percentage of a property’s value so to bypass it, the corrupt collectors simply doubled the property values. My home has more than doubled in value in the past 20 years raising the taxes to outrageous levels. When I protest the values, they tell me that we checked your neighbors assessments and they are comparable. Of course they are as you are the same damn people making both assessments! Kind of like sending the fox into the hen house to see what is killing the chickens. Were I not over the age of 65, and had every exemption available I would have to be saving nearly $1000 a month just to pay them. As it is I still have to pay (I really don’t know this year as they haven’t said) roughly $200 a month. My daughter who’s home is still financed payments have doubled due to taxes and insurance. They wonder why there are so many homeless living on the streets in Austin and other cities in Texas yet they still steal as much as they can from the citizens! That is not the only trick they use. Ask where the money from the Lottery that was supposed to help lower our property taxes really goes? Yes for appearance and accounting purposes it does go into the education fund but then quietly and secretly a similar amount comes out of another pocket and into the General fund. That was reported at one time then quickly hidden, never refuted, just tucked away.”