Congressman Joaquin Castro (TX-20) released the following statement after former President Donald Trump was arraigned on felony charges related to business fraud:
“For decades, Donald Trump has flouted the law to serve his own interests and ambitions. Before he became president, he and his companies were forced to pay millions of dollars in fines and settlements for discrimination, illegal lobbying, defamation, and more. As president, he used his position as leader of the free world to extort the government of Ukraine and incite an attack on the U.S. Capitol that left nearly a dozen dead and hundreds injured.
“This moment is important for many reasons. The foundational principle of the American justice system holds that no one is above the law. Prosecutors are duty-bound to investigate the facts, and the justice system is responsible for ensuring that all defendants receive a fair trial. Last week, after examining evidence in this case, a grand jury decided to indict Trump for committing 34 felonies. “While the arraignment of a former president is unprecedented, the Manhattan District Attorney has shown great courage in holding Donald Trump accountable. To allow a president to break the law with impunity would set a dangerous precedent for American democracy, encouraging future presidents to do the same. May justice be served.”

Do you agree? Let’s talk about it…

Carmen Madariags: “Why were Hillary’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails that were destroyed not held accountable, why was Hunter’s laptop not held accountable, why was the disgusting exit from us Afghanistan not held accountable? Why is the mess that the Texas border not being properly managed? WHY is there such a double standard? We were strong under President Trump, we were respected on the world stage, families were secure in their everyday working effort, children were not trans indoctrinated in public schools, and yes, we could go on and on…When a nation erodes its moral code and turns it back on the law of God and the grace which he has poured out upon that Nation, then, THEE ALMIGHTY lifts HIS protection over that Nation, and as we see daily, all hell begins to break loose!Let us #PRAYANDFAST for our Nation, and the whole world. Our hope is in returning to ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”

Henry Shamdas: “He should get a free pass based on other issues? The exit was actually initiated with trump. The TEXAS border has been there way before Biden. Hillary was subpoenaed by Congress and actually went before Congress unlike others. Biden’s laptop has actually been confiscated. the world laughed at us actually. Did you not see his UN speech? Did you not hear what the French said about him? Moral code? Does Trump have a moral code? Families weren’t secure as the economy started to show cracks just ask Carrier executives! The rollback on safety hazards he signed off on resulted in the train situation.”

Thomas Mc: “He absolutely needs to be prosecuted! However– if we are going to pretend we are a nation of laws ( which I don’t really think so) then there is an entire list of government officials on both sides of the political spectrum that need to be prosecuted. Maybe if these people have the knowledge they can and will be prosecuted for things any regular citizen would be prosecuted for, then maybe politicians would actually start working for this country and not their own interests. At this

point anyone who really believes any party has citizen’s best interests at heart is either woefully or blissfully delusional.”

Lydia Curran: “Yes he needs to be indicted and all that he has done because he gives the finger to all. It doesn’t matter who you are, he will cut anybody’s throat, even his own family, let alone politicians, and voters. He is an arrogant, habitual liar. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist! I mean he actually wanted his own vice president to be hurt in any way possible. What kind of person is he? He’s like a demon, he keeps getting out of trouble but hopefully everybody prays that he gets convicted of all charges from all states that are going after him. Remember the Central Park five, when they were innocent, he didn’t care. He took a full ad out, saying they should be convicted and executed, even when they were found innocent. What a monster, he is a racist moron !!! It really gets me that there are Hispanics , African-American,and other ethnic groups who believe in him. I mean he said, ‘you could grab them by the you know what!’ He said about Hispanic people, ‘they are rapists, and some I assume are good people’. Lock him up!”

Robert Vasquez: “I would vote for Trump again. He is the only President to call bs on the Middle East wars / illegal occupations. I’m a Muslim I would love to see my Christian brothers and sisters find their way back to God by holding true to their moral obligations and their modesty as a principle just like true Christianity teaches. Trump held true to our American values. I can’t judge him based on his private life. That’s none of my business. Trump was a true American President. Didn’t do it for the money but became a President to wake up Americans. There was a time when the government worked for us ( WE THE PEOPLE ) now we work for them. With transgender even I as a Muslim can not judge on the subject. I believe everything is willed by God. He will always give and take. He never promised us a comfortable life. He did say this will be a test of faith. It’s a happy Ramadan 2023 for me and May He bless all of us with His unconditional mercy and compassion. Vote Trump 2024 change is coming.”

Pierre Tanguay: “Tell the Republicans to create an exception law for which the US President can hire women for personal pleasure during the time he is a nominee. Have sympathy for US Pres nominees!”

John Scullion: “100% if it was not Trump these hearings would not be happening.”
Robin Gemmill: “Sad day for our country… be given news this defendant LIED to us about his infidelities, covered it up and then had the gall to pay for the deed while in the Oval Office. Add to that so many standing to attack our Rule of Law for the MAN….not for our country. Truly astounding so many Americans reject the rule of law for THIS ONE MAN….yet life goes on in the communities and they want Rule of Law…..the disconnect is mind boggling…..NO AMERICAN…..NOT EVEN A FORMER PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW.”

Martin Ethier: “We all see what’s going on, even Stevie Wonder can see it, total witch hunt that will help Trump and hurt Democrats….”

Dee Hawkins Swann: “He committed a crime to cover up another crime.”

William W Tom: “Distraction at play ….Biden is responsible for trillions of US budget meant for the US people, Americans need to talk about benefits & opportunities of it, rather than focus on Trump who toiled with sheer hard work to accumulate his wealth..”

John Laird: “This is the same ‘president’ who failed to accept the result of an election just because he lost and claimed fraud without credible evidence. The evidence actually shows it is him who tried to steal the election. The ‘president’ who made so many lie-filled speeches to his supporters telling them they need to fight to save their country, gathered them in Washington on the day the certification process was taking place and told them to march to the Capitol in an attempt to get a process required by the Constitution canceled. The ‘president’ who sat in the White House for over three years watching these people ‘fighting for me’ by beating police officers with an assortment of objects, break into the Capitol, do millions of dollars of damage while threatening to hang the VP of the United States and the Speaker of the House and ignore numerous pleas for him to intervene and stop the violence by HIS supporters. The ‘president’ called the press the ‘enemy of the people’ and claimed that any story he doesn’t agree with is ‘fake news’. A false protest against an election which turned into a riot when in trump’s own words (witnessed by over two dozen of his staff) HE LOST THE ELECTION BECAUSE OF COVID.”

Peter Hobbs Di Grazia: “Donald Trump is no victim. His indictment is the result of his criminal behavior. This indictment sends the first of many clear messages to the nation that the Rule of Law still has meaning.”

Alan Schuster: “Trump’s Trial is a year away, then the possibility of numerous appeals! This Circus will go on for years! Next up, Slow Joe and Hunter Biden! Pandora’s Box has been opened!”

Chris Wronga: “HILARIOUS…they did not charge him with federal crimes, the indictment was based on NY state laws regarding false statements. They said the statements were made to cover up other crimes which makes it a felony in NY.The problem will be he was not charged with other crimes to insinuate he was covering other crimes up. If they know he was covering up other crimes, where are the charges for the other crimes they say he was covering up? If they in fact knew he was covering up other crimes why was he not charged for those other crimes? You can not cover up a crime that never was. The court can not recognize a crime that never was or render a verdict on hearsay. They will need credible case law to effectively show other crimes were committed, that they were in fact other crimes and in that case they will need to provide actual charging documents to show other crimes were committed that he was supposedly covering up. Another problem is that everything happened after the election, so how can he influence an election that was already over?It’s all a smoke screen to interfere with the 2024 election. The ONLY way this can be charged as a “felony” is under the premise that the misdemeanors were covering up some OTHER underlying crime. Everyone got that?? Good, so now, the indictment lists the so-called misdemeanors, but makes NO reference to any such “underlying” crimes! None! Go read it for yourself. Trump has been charged with no underlying crimes.”