What do you want to be when you grow up? A questioned begged by everyone when we were so little. Some kids knew, others parroted positions they saw on television and still, others had no context for the idea of a career.
The modern workforce journey is unique for all of us. It requires a balanced mix of searching, preparation, creating our own path and connecting to the economy we live in. Merging our passions with a job that pays can seem impossible but we must shift our perspective and realize the opportunities our city can offer. As we enjoy our time off this week, let’s examine the state of the San Antonio workforce economy and how it relates to our own career journeys.
City leaders are dedicated to sustaining the cities major industries: Healthcare, Bioscience, Aerospace,New Energy Economy, Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Some of the most bleeding edge innovations are happening in these industries and we can all be apart of it by learning the key skills.
Higher education is made accessible by the Alamo Colleges system that works with these industries to design certifications that prepare students for real life application of these skills. Not an associates degree, but a certificate, can be earned in some cases less than a year and connect students directly to their future employers through internships and engaged faculty.
I am SAC proud and had an incredible experience with the Journalism department at San Antonio College. Working for the college newspaper prepared me for the expectations of a working newsroom, but like many others, I struggled to find employment after graduation. Media is going through an innovation period and writers must really create their own path in order to succeed.
Some industries are not as easy to enter. Especially the fun ones that we are all passionate about. Appreciating what we are good at and finding an outlet for those skills is key in navigating potential careers. We may not care about computers or data or anatomy, but when searching for a job that has longevity, it is good to get creative about the application of our skills.
Moving from retail to something that pays more like construction may seem like something from left field, but there are a lot of parallels and you have to find them. Reading the requirements on a job listing and translating skills from one discipline to another can make or break a job application.
Knowing where you ultimately want to be can help you choose what entry level position to prepare for. Getting into a starter position guides us by learning from our superiors and feeling out the culture of a company.
Then there is always the option to do it yourself and become a self starter. San Antonio harbors a nourishing environment for startups with numerous Tax Abatements, Economic Development Incentive Fund (EDIF) Performance Grants, SAWS Impact Fee Waivers, Development Services Fee Waivers, Foreign Trade Zone no. 80, Tax Rebates, Skills Development Fund, State Enterprise Fund and State Enterprise Project Designations. It is no wonder why the city has become a lighthouse for ambitious entrepreneurs.
Moving into the future compassionately with a priority for the people who were born here is real. We must take advantage of these programs and incentives now before the displaced Californians do. Texas has a reputation for moving and talking slow, but we must make haste to fulfill our passions because the soil that our families have toiled for centuries is nutrient rich and you must have faith that anything you plant here will grow.
Launching the new interpretation of La Prensa Texas has been an illuminating period. This is our 12th print issue and we are still working out the kinks. Being apart of a skeleton crew has emphasized our responsibilities and our strengths but more importantly magnified the need for a paper like this.
I published my first story in the second grade. I wrote about my favorite holiday tradition: making bunuelos with my grandma Hopie for New Years. I knew I would be working in media when I grew up and aggregating the content from every corner of the city is no easy task, but it is a heartfelt one. La agua conectiva. And so we go with the flow. I am so honored to be a Tejana and to be apart of a print legacy that guides me.
This week, I hope that you will listen to yourself, to your city and to the people that came before you to find your own path and discover how you will change the world. I encourage you to go out and meet people you would like to be like one day, visit places you would like to work at one day and take risks. We are all capable of so much and we only have this one life to do it.
Thank you for your consideration and support in this transitional period. We have a lot of exciting news to be announced this month.
Besitos Infintos,
Roxanne Eguia

You can reach me directly at r.eguia@laprensatx.com
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