Today, I had my nails done. The ladies in the salon spoke In their native language as they often do; Vietnamese. I overheard someone comment, “ I hate when they speak in their language.” Then, I stopped to get gas. There were two young men at the Shell speaking their native language, Arabic. I saw a few eyebrows raised in the store and a young boy mocking them. Then, I had lunch and heard the staff speaking their native language; Spanish. We are a multilingual city. Shouldn’t we expect to hear different languages being spoken here? How do you feel when you don’t understand what is being said because a conversation is being spoken in another language? Do you speak in a different language in front of other races knowing they can’t understand you? Is it intentional? Let’s talk about it…
Benjamin Godina OH…this is going to get good!

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead When I was a little girl (a long time ago) my mother, who was Hispanic and spoke Spanish, told me it was rude to speak another language other than English when you were around other people. I think my grandmother, who was born in Mexico taught her that. Of course, things have changed. But, when I get my nails done and they don’t speak in English when 100% of their clients are obviously English speaking, I get slightly offended but not enough to say anything. I shrug it off.

Kirk Otto 1) America is about freedom. And being multilingual is awesome (at least I would think so).
2) America is a melting pot, which should be embraced by us all.
3) There are situations where I get self-conscious when it’s done because I think they might be saying mean stuff about me. I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I know enough to know it’s happened a few times in my life.

Hope Robinson, It has never bothered me when people speak a language other than English. I wish I. Would have learned another language. But if I was going to work in a foreign country I would be sure to learn their language. I think it’s part of the trumping effect that so many are openly scornful of hearing a foreign language.

Gilbert Dimas Jr. If it makes your customers uncomfortable you shouldn’t do it.

Benjamin Godina Que?

Patrick Music I don’t mind, it doesn’t bother me. The only thing that does bother me is certain places only hire you if you are bilingual. That’s discrimination.

Greg Jordan I really like it when I walk into a place and the people are speaking English and they start talking Spanish without knowing I understand what they are saying.

Melinda Melissa Lopez, It gives us all a great opportunity to be positive and learn a different language’s if you are interested IN LEARNING.

Carmen Gomez-Moya I love hearing people speak their language. Even though I don’t understand what they are saying or use their hands to speak. I think it’s beautiful. That’s just me.

Joseph Martinez, It’s a beautiful thing to hear various languages spoken throughout the US. I stay in my lane unless they’re communicating with me they have 2 options, English or Spanish. Other than that it’s none of my business what they are talking about. I do the same we should not be suppressed.

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