The cover artwork is entitled, “Morning Chores over Easy”, created by a diversely skilled artist, Denise Homer Pintor. Denise has an indiscriminate educational background; in 1987 she obtained her degree in Political Science with a minor in Fine Art at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Further pursuits included learning from old Masters at Bellas Artes de San Luis Potosi in Mexico which were offered during several summer programs that she attended. Exploring her way through her talents and educational opportunities, Mrs. Pintor directed her focus on interior design and decorative arts. This field provided a wealth of experience and contacts. She enjoyed traveling and applying her skills in the custom builders profession as a talented artist/designer creating custom faux finishes and plasters.
After a time, Denise redirected her attention in a more expressive artist direction of creativity. Drawing on her diverse background Mrs. Pintor is of Mexican-American / Anglo heritage and her work is reflective of nostalgic, family, childhood memories of a time that is often forgotten as our world quickly advances through modern contributions. Growing up on farms in both Mexico and in the Midwest her works often share with the audience what life was like from day to day. The featured artwork on our cover depicts a young girl washing eggs as a part of the list of daily chores that needed to be performed for survival… it was the way of life. Denise is attentive to share close details in her works, paying homage to the life she remembers and paying tribute to distant memories – always in hope that those memories don’t completely fade.
As we communicated for developing this story I understood her love and appreciation for family, and hard work and working together. She revealed a quote to me that has had a lasting impact on her life. This quote from her maternal grandmother was spoken often in her home while growing up – in Spanish, this is the English translation: “Land is the most important thing one can own, it can make the person better, it can feed your soul as it can your body, if you take care of it and honor it, you will always take care of you.”
Denise Homer Pintor’s work can be purchased and viewed at Hausmann Millworks Gallery and she will be displaying works in an extensive art exhibit that is being organized by Giselle Diaz. For more information you can contact the artist: or at her studio: 925 West Russell Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212