Do you believe it ends here when we die? When a person passes or has a near death experience, do you think it is real when they say they have seen loved ones that have passed? Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? Let’s talk about it…

Cathy Trznadel: “I was told that my brother, before he passed, saw our mother and our older brother who passed years before in the room and commented to his sons and wife that they were there. I find this very comforting.”

Melinda Parker: “On September 4, 2023, Mom was still at home, but had hospice. I was in the kitchen, she was in her hospital bed in the living room…she woke up and asked ‘is your dad still in the cemetery?’ I sat next to her and asked her to repeat what she said. She asked, ‘ is your dad still in the cemetery?’ I told her yes. She held out her arms, and said ‘no, he is here with me. Can you see him?’I said “yes I can Momma”, then she said “he’s gone. I want to die”. I held her close to me, she suddenly pulled away and said “No, I’m not ready to go yet, I still have joy in my heart”, she put her hand on her heart. The next morning, she said ‘I was this close to dying. I am 3/4s there’ Then she slipped into a semi conscious state. We took her to Taylor Hospice House on the 5th. I had told her I would be with her until she took her last breath. On the 8th, when everyone had left for a bit, she opened her eyes. I kissed her on her lips, told her I loved her. She took her final breath in my arms. Just Momma and me..she passed at 8:16AM. It was the most beautiful bittersweet moment of my life.”

Sandra Martin: “My mom also saw people we knew and my father before she passed when it was just mom and I. The gift I prayed for was to hold my mom’s hand when she took her last breath. My prayer was granted. Thank you for sharing.”

Mary Lou Wilson: “My mom was severely brain damaged after a heart attack and without oxygen for twenty minutes. She was between two realms and saw many deceased people. She told me about who she saw but never elaborated. I told her what happened to her and she said God didn’t want me. I absolutely believe that she saw people from the other side.”

Lynne Meyer: “On the day of my brother’s death, he asked why there were so many people in his room and in the house. We told him they were his angels. He seemed to be satisfied with the answer. I believe this is true.”

Geraldine Carbone: “Just before my friend died he claimed to see his dead brother and yelled ‘I’m not going with you!’ He had a fight with him in life. Suddenly, he said ‘Grandma’s here with the dog!’ Then he died.”

Claudine Gillen: “I went into cardiac arrest twice in August 2017. While I was gone, I was watching the doctor teams work on me. I was able to tell them when I woke up ‘please thank the 9 people in the room who were able to revive me’ . They wanted to know how I knew how many people there were. Also, I went into a bright light and in the distance , I’m sure I saw my dad and uncle who passed years prior waving me back as if it wasn’t my time yet. I could not see them clearly but enough so that I truly believe it was them. I do believe you see passed relatives when you’re close to passing away and now that I lived this experience I am no longer afraid of dying like I once was.”

Sally-Ann Lilley: “My Nan pointed to the ceiling a few hours before she died and said she could see her late brother and her cat. It was comforting.”

Danny Stojcevski: “I was clinically dead for a few minutes and when the paramedics brought me back to life, I remember them asking me if I saw Jesus or anything. To be honest, I replied that I did not. I saw nothing. True story, but for a moment I felt myself fighting death. It was dark and I could hear people talking in the room around me. I could still use my brain but not my body. I believe there is another side, whatever you want to call it. Never give up and may God,Allah, Buddha, your higher power let you all live long and healthy lives and when that day comes, may it be quick and painless.”

Chrystal Ellerbee: “Before my husband passed, he was in an extended care hospital. One morning when I got there, he told me he saw his dad, who had already passed about 12 years before. He said that his father told him he would be seeing him soon. He said he talked to his grandfather. He passed away about a month later.”

Carol Tennyson: “When my husband was dying, he saw his Mother who died in childbirth with him. He also saw my father and our dogs.”

Richard Andrews: “My wonderful partner passed away 3 years ago on a Sunday. Days later she re-appeared in the evening. She just stood there. I was astounded. The scene behind her was where she came from. I know it well. I repeated her name and she was gone. My conclusion is she departed too soon and came to say goodbye. I believe she will wait for me.”

Black Sheep: “I’ve spoken to many health care people who work in hospitals and senior homes. They’ve all seen this. However, they are not allowed to talk to anyone about it or they risk losing their positions.”

Diana Smith: “My Mother, just before she died, had been in a coma for days but started to reach up with her arm to the ceiling. I would put her arm down. She would raise it back up and keep it up for hours till she died a few hours later.”

Charlie Hill: “I’m sure this is comforting. But the human mind wanders all over the place. We know this from our dreams which take random pieces of information and try to make sense of it as we sleep. My father passed 4 years ago at 91, he would ramble occasionally in the days prior. He was lucid up to the end, but he ‘saw’ soldiers marching in the distance ( he was in the army in his youth ) and he’d say things randomly. Personally I believe it was just memories being brought to the surface.”

Libbie Marshall: “During my near death experience I saw 10 of my closest family members with my mom in the dead.”