Colleges and universities are doing something many employers haven’t even begun yet — mandating booster shots. More than 1,000 colleges require students to be vaccinated. As of Dec. 21, thirty six universities are requiring booster shots. With Covid cases on the rise, I have heard that the booster is working. One friend shared with me that she took a trip to New York with a group of friends and family. They all came back positive for Covid except her. She was the only one with the booster. Have you gotten your booster and have you been exposed to Covid? How did this work out for you? Let’s talk about it…

Charles Mario Henry: “Same for me; Exposed, had a booster and no problems. Everyone around me is sick and positive without a booster.”

Melissa Cuellar: “No vaccines here yet.”

Thomas Mc: “Of course boosters work, this is no different than other booster shots someone has ever had. But hey, someone wants to willingly risk getting sick or exposing a vulnerable family member, that is their problem. I have run out of sympathy for any willingly unvaccinated person who ends up on a ventilator.”

Joel Salazar: “It’s a good thing I’m doing online classes.”

Tamara Bigham: “In 1990, those college students who had received a measles vaccine in the 1970s/1960s, had to get re-vaccinated, as the outbreak of that time required the update. Do people not know this? What have we all been doing since Poliovirus in the 1950s? Have people’s heads just been buried in the sand through measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria?”

Pal Hoss:

JoeRudy Saldivar: “Y’all got me f***ed up! Well I guess I’m not going to school any more ….. you’re not gonna win.”

Jose Flores: “Oh no! Had the pandemic happen in the 80’s-2000’s, maybe they would have the leverage they desire. Too bad for colleges and universities; they are becoming more and more obsolete and irrelevant with every passing year.”

Melendez Mony: “Time to start looking for another school and job.”

Kalyn Adams: “Good luck with your profit margins. People are getting tired of these BS mandates.”

Dale W. Flinn: “Yep, the original shots didn’t work, let’s make them get them again! Idiots.”

Mari Ivette: “Colleges already require students to send in an immunization form stating they have received certain vaccines. You take the flu shot every year to decrease your chances of getting the flu. Y’all need to calm down. These are systems that have been set in place for decades now. People just want to fight because people politicized something that should not be politicized.”

Jerry Billington: “This is BS to mandate this so-called vaccine on anyone. It doesn’t work plus has not had years of study to be called a vaccine. I work at a university and there are a lot of students that are against it.”

Ka Tia: “Just because it’s school, doesn’t mean they’re smart. Clearly the proof is showing that the vaccines don’t even ease spreading the virus.”

Brandon Peebles: “How can they say they have enough evidence to actually prove these vaccines even work. They still don’t know enough about this virus yet.”

Don Goodman: “So they don’t want income from students?”

Andy Squire: “The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus. Depending on which taken, there is still a 58%-67% transmission rate. A 67% rate is on par with that of an unvaccinated individual. A person’s overall health as well as age have a greater contributing factor in covid than the vaccinations. >70 years old or having 4 or more underlying conditions, get the vaccine otherwise you have a higher chance of dying from fentanyl than covid.”

Markey Willow: “Well that’s good at least that’s a shot that you really do need and it has been thoroughly researched for many years so it’s not like some covid vaccine booster shots are extremely important especially if you have some type of a serious injury and then of course it’s always good to get one at least every 10 years.”

John Wayne: “All these shots will not stop you from getting sick.”

Cedric Patterson: “So, I had this conversation the other day. First off, this virus is said to be the most studied virus in the history of medicine. Second, it wasn’t rushed, it was just heavily resourced. Let’s take something local for example. The 281 expansion: Construction of the first phase began in July 2017, while the second phase construction is expected to begin in 2019. Expected to open to traffic in 2020, the first phase is fully funded with $228m in federal, state and local funds. The second phase is estimated to cost $304m and is expected to commence services in 2022. If the government threw $1B cash up front and said triple your workers and double your engineers and equipment, and all of your permits go to the front of the line for immediate approval, the thing could have been done in a year. Not that it was rushed. Just resourced.”