Once upon a time, marriage was meant to last forever. Now it is OK to be married several times or not at all. What marriage advice would you give to your younger self? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Leon Gayton: “I was my ex-wife’s third husband and she would tell me that her first husband was abusive and mean. The second husband was an alcoholic, pervert and crazy. At the time, I believed her. Now she tells her fourth husband that I’m all of the above, LOL. The only great thing that came out of that was my daughter.”

Theresa Acuna: “Don’t do it.”

Jeff Hull: “DO not do it. . .”

Michael Chazz Momo Martinez: “Take a road trip with nothing planned. You’ll see their true colors soon enough.”

Letty Garcia Tijerina: “Don’t do it till you’re at least 30!”

Veronica Amaro: “Don’t do it. You WILL meet your soulmate in your late 40’s.”

Amanda Cena: “To date longer and pay attention to how they speak to and about their family. Make sure he is a man who fears God.”

Daniel Torralva: “I’ve never been married, but all my friends say don’t do it.”

Skipper Bishop: “Watch for signs of a cheating wife. After almost 30 years, she tried to blame me for it all. Run, run fast from those types.”

Joann Laque: “I would say, don’t ever get married. It’s a piece of paper that states they have the right to 50% of what you have, earn and make. It’s like you don’t need to have a kid for someone to hold on to or love you. My partner loves me without a marriage certificate and I can’t have kids for over 25 years ago. We have Been together for 20 years.”

Valerie Selpuveda: “One day you will find your soulmate and be happily married.”

Lydia Curran: “RUN.”

Richard Martinez: “Don’t do it.”

Angel Garicia Contero: “I don’t know that I’d give my younger self advice on marriage. I think I have a great marriage. We met in high school and have been together for 16 years. I do have some advice for others though. Here it is:Marriage is not 50/50. Sometimes it’s 60/40, maybe 80/20. Find a partner who is willing to share the load/bear the weight, but you also must be willing to pick the load back up to help your partner. They can’t carry the unbalanced load forever. Pick your partner wisely. Nowadays, people pick off of physical attraction first. There are other attributes. Find those attributes that you can’t live without in your partner as well as being attracted to them. If you can’t find anything but physical/sexual attraction then it’s just a fling. If you’re busy watering your own grass aka putting the work into your relationship, you’ll be too busy to look at your neighbors grass. Say I love you randomly throughout the day, everyday. Remind your partner of it often. Give sporadic hugs and kisses as well.”

Gene Gomez: “Don’t do it stupid.”

Ernest Sánchez: “Marriage is a learning process, chances people take as part of happiness, so “Go For It” jump in that snake pit!!”

Edie Davila: “DONT DO IT!!!! NAH….I got lucky on my 1st draft selection. No trades quite yet.”