Do you think that Constable Michelle Barrientes-Vela thinks she’s above the law or is she just being targeted by co-workers and people in the community? One lawsuit filed against her in district court by Deputy Constable Leonicio Moreno has alleged that the constable, while attending a conference in Galveston with him in July 2017, “referred to Moreno as her husband while in the hotel hot tub and repeatedly made efforts to touch and caress” him. He states he rejected her sexual advances.Since then, she has repeatedly tried to pursue criminal charges against him. “The facts don’t fit the elements of the crime (that have been filed) ,” District Attorney Gonzales said. “At the very least, it’s poor judgment. You’re talking about arresting an individual that has already filed a lawsuit against you. This, someone could argue, smacks of retaliation, vindictiveness, vendetta.” In another incident, Easter Sunday, she and a fellow deputy charged $50 an hour and pocketed the money to a family who has rented the same pavilion every Easter for over 10 years who has never had that asked of them before. Is this a conspiracy against her or is she using her position of authority to bully people around for her own personal benefit.”? Let’s talk about it…

Gilbert Dimas Jr.:
“1000000000 %. She is crooked as a broken penis.”

Rebecca Perez:
“She thinks she is above the law. Which is sad since we the community are supposed to put our faith and trust in law officers”

Blue Rose Alvarez:
“The county pavilions are often used freely but I have known folks who paid to keep it for a certain amount of time. I’m not sure what the circumstances are in this case. I can’t say if she believes her above the law but I will say she is not the right person for that position. She does not have the experience or maturity to do the job well.”

Tiffany Ford:
“She definitely believes she is above the law. How narcissistic does a person have to be to actually change the badges to reflect her name? She is a delusional horrible excuse for a human being.”

Gabby Benavides:
“She gave her time to Bexar County Medical Society and conducted the Training for their Medical Profession members on an Active Shooter Course.”

Tina Spivey:
“Is she even qualified, for this position?”

Priscilla Cervantes:
“Beautiful inside and out.”

MC Chaser:
“Someone needs to start checking their backgrounds before they are allowed to run. It appears we now have more people with criminal activities in their past run for office just for their own agenda. And you know as well as I do If you do it once you’ll do it again. Do they think we’re stupid and we won’t find out?”

Roger Rodriguez:
“Michelle and her Husband made a Bike donation towards a great cause for Guardians of the Children Organization..”

Lupe Espinoza:

Gerald Hall:
“Constable Vela has supported fellow Officer in blue who was diagnosed with Cancer… a great cause…Edgewood blue family. It was nice of her to be there at the Basketball Game…Edgewood Gym. She shows up for many community events that she is not given credit for.”

Denise Anderson:
“While in PCT 3 she was involved in the destruction of evidence. She is one bad apple.”

George Estrada:
“The Precinct 2 Constable is dedicated to serving our community in a fair and impartial manner by working in partnership with our community. Some of these things have been put out there to make her look bad. She helps the little people when she can.”