Southwest Legacy HS graduate was booted from graduation ceremony after displaying a Mexican flag. She says she still hasn’t gotten diploma. Southwest ISD said protocols are applied to avoid disruptions. Do you agree with the student being escorted out during her graduation ceremony for displaying the Mexican Flag during the ceremony? Let’s talk about it..

Beverly Brooks: “This is completely just. Let me first state that I do applaud her for wanting to recognize the hardships of immigration and bring to light the struggles in attaining the American dream. There simply are better ways to do this. She admits she broke protocol and understood there would be consequences. That she “didn’t think” this would be the result is a quick scapegoat and lack of personal accountability. She DID think, she CHOSE to break the rules, and now the repercussions are at her dismay and she was humiliated by not getting her diploma. It matters not what “might have” happened if there was another flag displayed like that- there simply wasn’t and that doesn’t free her of accountability for her actions. The irony of it all is that in the middle of what is meant to be a sacred, humbling, pivotal moment into adulthood, she got what she asked for- a real life lesson. If an apology is owed it’s from her to own family. She had free will and she chose to cause a distraction that resulted in disparaging her ceremony.”

Angi Stephens Friesenhahn: “I agree. All of the students in ALL districts are told what they can and cannot do. She could have just as easily decorated her cap with the flag. But she CHOSE to hide it in her gown until getting on stage. Any flag would have gotten the student the same consequences. People are making this about race and that’s not it at all. It is about rules. It is a big moment for all the kids but they need to find a way to correctly show their pride and excitement.”

Paries Olga: “I am a child of Mexican immigrants and very proud of my heritage, however this event ceremony was not “heritage month”. It’s respectful to her other school mates. What is her statement? Display it at a Soccer Copa America game, not in the school that is paid by America Tax dollars to support your free education.”

Monica Mendez: “She could have decorated her cap to represent the country she’s so proud of and make her parents proud. Students are given the do’s and don’ts when graduating and now she is confused? The only statement being made is that she’s ungrateful to be an American and doesnt appreciate the risks her parents took to get here to give her a better life. There is a reason they fled Mexico.”

Augustin C Montemayor: “Way over reaction in a country that claims to be a free country. She did not hurt anyone, or violate, anyone.”

Kelly Narvaez: “Rules are rules, they apply to everyone. She knew the risks or else she wouldn’t have hid it. She will get her diploma just not the normal way since she chose to go against the rules. It’s valid.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “ I agree 100%. You live in the U.S. not Mexico. If you are proud enough to display that flag, then you should be proud enough to stay in that country.”

Antonio Guerrero Barrón: “Parece una reacción de pueblo bananero.”

Thomas Mc: “The good thing the school can’t hold her diploma. HS graduation is just a ceremony and her credits are given by the state board and if she completed she will be awarded. HS is usually just pomp and circumstance, many times it’s not even the official diploma they get that day. In short, people need to get a life and stop making mountains out of mole hills.”

Kelli Arguello: “Follow the rules!! That’s it!”

Armando Cantu: “Y’all guys are too harsh. If she had a flag from Canada or from Europe, you guys would say something positive. Y’all guys just show me and everybody else how much hatred you have and what racist you are! You shall be just as you judge others.”

Hilda Benny: “She will now wait for her diploma in the mail and no, she will not get an apology. Lesson learned young lady. She knew exactly what would happen if she didn’t follow rules and regulations.”

Carmen Rodriguez: “They know the rules. But I give her credit for what she believes in. Everything has consequences. The graduation was like a circus. Many students didn’t do what was told. It’s hard to see others following rules while others do as they pleased. That’s not how life works. Just my opinion…”

Valerie Sepulveda: “You can’t be denied something that is earned, I just don’t understand how schools can do that.”

Jean W. Garcia: “If she didn’t like the result then why didn’t she graduate in Mexico then.”

Felix Romo Jr.: “ It has nothing to do with the flag, the student knowingly chose to break the rules that everyone else followed. She wanted to be an individual and she got individual consequences. The district doesn’t owe her the apology she wants”