The election of Claudia Sheinbaum as Mexico’s first female president marks a historic and potentially transformative moment for the country. While the election of Claudia Sheinbaum brings hope for progressive change, the success of her presidency will depend on various factors, including political support, effective implementation of policies, and the ability to navigate complex domestic and international challenges. Overall, her leadership could steer Mexico towards greater inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience. What do you think the future of Mexico will look like? Let’s talk about it…
Not For Everyone Entertainment: “Congrats! But It might be better to wait for her to do something, other than just being elected, before any thoughts are in order.”

Michael Raz Alvarado: “I was born in the U.S. I’m proud to be Hispanic. I’m even more proud that I get to tell my daughter Mexico has a female president!”

Rick Cedeño: “Still run by the cartel but a much nicer looking front person, congratulations”

Luis Alberto: “Make Mexico great again!”

David Parada: “It doesn’t matter what gender they are. What matters is how they will make things better.”

Stacey Dash: “Of course we’d be the first ones to do it! Go Raza!”

Rosa Maria Galvan: “Congratulations! Women Rule.”

Jose Nestor Martinez Oliver: “You better watch it. She might have a chancla.”

Mary Bautista: “I’m glad for her! Congratulations!”

Viva Mexico: “It’s a Woman’s World after all!”

Maryana Cortez: “Hopefully things change for the better”

Angela Hernandez: “What?”

Alex Tovar: “Mexico is doomed”

Lupe Munoz: “Yes! No matter what gender ! Let’s see what the woman can do! The men haven’t brought about change !! As long as they bring change for the better for all people of the country. Not continue where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!”

Abby Sanchez: “Hispanics always lead by example.”

Lorie Swisher: “I wish her all the best and hope she can show the world how a woman’s touch can be glorious!”

Dennis Ripley: “Don’t know if this is good.”

Jamie Le: “Hopefully she can get things straightened out.”

Brenda Dankha: “Congratulations! She meets all the requirements; gender shouldn’t matter.”

Steve Attaway: “Cartels run Mexico.”

Ysabel Trevino: “God Bless Her. Please keep her safe.”

Ramiro Contreras: “Peso is dropping drastically.”

Felix Lopez: “Sheinbaum? From the Tijuana Sheinbaums?”

Janice S Williams: “Waiting to see all the alpha men crying.”

Vargas Lopez: “Valió sh**! Not sure how I feel about this! En un país de machismo. Let’s hope we don’t get the wrong idea . And it’s for a BETTER Mexico.”

Alexander Viramontes: “I need to see proof of the presidential chancla or I don’t buy it.”

Criserio Gonzalez Jr.: “Wasn’t she caught in a scandal with some bad hombres not so long ago! Yeah I can’t see anything good happening! But I’ve been wrong before.”

Ciria Hernandez: “Can you say Cartel?”

Maria Mendoza: “They’re as doomed as we are here in the states.”

Isaac G. Cavazos: “Doesn’t matter who they elect, it’s just another corrupt politician who will end up a millionaire when they leave office…Benito Juarez would be ashamed of what Mexico has become.”

Erik Najera: “Peso crashed.”

Luis Junito Torres Thillet: “Everyone in Mexico better behave because just with the chancla she can turn your nasty attitude around…the power of the chancleta.”

Sumer Cole: “She’s a far left…. whose dad comes from Lithuania & mother from Bulgaria. She is non-religious but her grandparents were Jews that emigrated to Mexico to escape the holocaust…. IDK if I call that a win for Mexico.”

Mortikai D Robinson: “Let’s see what she does .. everybody is happy cause first female president..but don’t even know her..aver que hacer la Jew.”

JL Ochoa: “Just when Israel couldn’t get any stronger they had the USA in their hands and now Mexico.”