A bus of migrants from Texas arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. last week. The operation was orchestrated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said it is meant to highlight immigration issues along the southern border. Do you think sending asylum seekers to someone’s home in a country they have never been is reasonable, responsible, or humane? Let’s talk about it…

Sharon Richter Perica: “These are human beings being treated like things. Box them up & dump them off? They have endured hardship, lured onto bus only to be dumped off in the street?”

Ramon Vidal: “The Republican state of Texas is sending its problems to Democrats homes to send a message to there ignorance of not securing our borders. Now we have to address this problem that is being ignored by Dems.”

Rachel Melzo: “VP Harris will not go to the border so the border is coming to her. Sad but the political “powers” need to see and experience the suffering that they are causing with their political decisions. Those are people that the Democrats invited. They need to step up and provide for them. ‘Out of sight — Out of mind’ isn’t working any more.”

Victor Ruiz: “How is it funny to treat human beings this way? Taking them away from resources in the hopes they will suffer so you can score a political win? ‘Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40.”

Alyssa Meyrick: “I can’t imagine having to leave your home because of the hardships and come to America, this great country, only to be passed around with little to no food or water for you or your family as a political statement.”

David Cardona: “It’s sad that our Governor is doing this to those people. Why are you using humans like this to get your point of view across? Misplacing them is not right. We are not meant to do that.”

David Dempsey: “Republicans or Democrats. There’s always a Border states situation…”

Janice Anderson: “These people don’t need to be subjected to this. CLOSE THE BORDER.”

Edward Castro: “Some of you people are ghouls laughing at other people’s misfortunes. So much for your so called Christianity some of you people practice, you all should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Rodrigo Tarango: “There are good people and there are bad people. I pray for them. They just want a better life people that live and are from the United States do human trafficking. I’ve done so much to report them and they still get away with it. I feel very sad for these people and this state because it is so corrupt.”

Holly Olson: “Let’s all for a second, put ourselves in the shoes of these migrants trying to relocate elsewhere, and not group them, without knowing each and every single story. We are all migrants. Period. Our ancestors migrated here too. Wake up!”

Rhoda Samford: “And I hope we keep sending them so other states can understand what Texas has to go through everyday…please think of us for once….”

Monica Duncan-Morris: “The overflow of people into a few border states is absolutely crushing the resources of those states. These people will be better off going to other states whose resources, hospitals, schools, necessities are more plentiful. They want to be in America, that’s fine, they need to be spread out. It’s unfair to expect a few states to take on several million people at one time.”

Tonya Taylor: “Those of you who think this is funny and support it lack common sense. Abbott is spending money orchestrating this ignorance while the state of Texas has other issues that require the same energy. Abbott’s office said the state has sent more than 8,400 migrants to D.C. since April.“

Naomi Green: “At least they stand a better chance of humane treatment this way. Lucky for them. Texas is no place for those seeking compassion and asylum.”

Christine Hoholik-McNeal: “Stupid political stunt! These are human beings, for crying out loud!!”

Yvonne Ramirez: “The fact that Abbott is playing games with HUMAN lives is absolutely disgusting and those of you that think it’s funny are just as disgusting!”

Teri L Watts: “Keep sending them Gov. Abbott ! Send some to Obama too. He has plenty of room and money !!”

Carlos De Los Santos: “Good job Governor Abbott.”

Shelia Simon O’Gilbert: “I see absolutely nothing funny about this!”

Rudy Medina S: “Why doesn’t Abbott send them back from where they came from?”

Kristen McKee: “They are human beings not political props! Do better!”

Eveey Aguirre Horton: “Y’all’s
racism is showing …How is this funny? ..THESE ARE HUMANS.”

Manuel Ochoa: “Most people think this is funny but just wait until they live next door to you and see how funny it is!!!!”

Matthew A Deluna: “If she won’t go to the border the border will go to her hahahaha”

Travis Stewart: “Beautiful. Make a permanent railroad from Brownsville to DC.”

Miriam Aguayo Hernandez:
“Love it. Great job, Abbott.”