By Yvette Tello
Every morning on Social me- dia it seems there are more and more posts of missing children of all ages. Has it always been this way? Are these children being found? Are they running away? Are they being abducted? Stud- ies show most abductions occur by a family member, abductions by non family member perpetrators are less prevalent. Other rea- sons include run away or thrown away children miss- ing because they were lost, stranded, or injured or miss- ing for benign reasons like a misunderstanding about a child’s schedule. What can we do to change this?Let’s talk about it…

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead:
“There’s more and more trafficking and with social media it’s shared more.”

Nina A. Sanchez:
“Call me crazy…but I like to believe they are being abducted to a better place for a better purpose in life… like in the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage…only one wish & prayer for the best for these children and others that become victims.”

Raul Cervantes:
“I agree with Nina A.Sanchez…lets call her crazy….missing children… for a variety of reasons end up missing..Social media has made us aware of what’s happening in all areas of life.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Watch the missing 411 on amazon.”

Mike Miller:
“It’s on the rise. Most par- ents don’t even know the United States is most traf- ficked country right now. Most don’t realize the gov- ernment knows about it. Sadly most don’t talk to their kids about it anymore.”

Penelope Perez:
“Raul is right that social media makes us hyper aware of all of the goings on and those platforms are great for calling attention to urgent matters when we need help. How do some cases get an Amber Alert while others do not? What qualifies the statewide alerts? I feel like most domestic missing chil- dren has to do with disgrun- tled fractured families acting outside of family courts, but it’s so sad when you see some of the babies bodies turning up. This reminds me of the disappeared in Mexico and I fear missing children is way more prevalent there, but a major concern for our Texas babies.”