In the wake of the Deer Park chemical fire, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo employed her bilingual skills to deliver updates in English and Spanish, prompting criticism from a commissioner in a neighboring county.

Despite Hidalgo’s effort to communicate with Hispanic viewers about the Intercontinental Terminals Co. fire, a Chambers County commissioner publicly criticized her use of Spanish during a recent press conference.

Chambers County Precinct 2 Commissioner Mark Tice said, “ This is not Mexico,” when publicly criticizing the bilingual press conference led by Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. “It’s real simple- This is the United States. Speak English.” Should public officials only speak in English publicly? Let’s talk about it..

Patrick Southard:
“No. You should be able to communicate to your entire community.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I think emergency instructions need to be delivered by whatever languages make up “

Rene C Resendez:
“I fully support Judge Hidalgo.”

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead:
“Both is fine depending on location. But, if only Spanish is spoken then that’s another story”

Jeannie Lawson LeDoux:
“It is America- if you are speaking to an English speaker you should speak English- a judge should know that.”

Chris Kruse:
“County Commissioner should know that a judge speaking the same safety procedures and updated emergency information in BOTH ENGLISH AND SPANISH – which is what she DID – is more American than both of his comments.”

Yemileh Charur:
“American doesn’t have an official language.. poor guy that only knows how to speak one language. Sounds about white to me.”

Michael Kuehne:
“Small minds in the country.”

Robert Dixon:
“I do agree that English should be the language used for government and official business type communications.”

Frank Pancho San Miguel:

Gilbert Dimas Jr. :
“If I go to France or Germany I don’t expect them to accommodate me”