Let’s talk about mother-in-laws… a mother-in-law should be like a second mom, a person you can depend on when things get crazy. A monster-in-law is a meddling in law that makes everything crazy. Did you get blessed with a great mother in law or a monster in law? What made her a monster in law? What made her a great mother in law? Let’s talk about it…

Rebecca Perez: “Yes, I did.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Monster.”

Christopher Cavazos: “I never got married but I’d like to think that if I had, she’d be a good person.”

Carolina Roberts: “Hahaha well, I was actually looking at my point of view as being a mother-in-law/Monster-in-Law. I’d have to say I’m both at times depending on the situation.”

Cynthia Eugene Bustamante: “Unfortunately, I don’t have one now, but have had both kinds.”

Jeff Romero: “Nope! My ex-mother-in-law sucks! I can care less about talking about her.”

Angi Stephens Friesenhahn: “One of each. One who continues to be supportive. The other….let’s just say I learned what not to be for my future daughter in laws. Cords are cut; giving my kids the foundation for their independence. I won’t do things knowing they are mean and hurtful and then go to confess later. You definitely live and learn.”

Chavez Stephanie: “I feel safer if I just say no comment.”

Stefani Shamloo: “As mothers, we know that we take care of our children no matter how old they are. If you’re a good mother, mamma bear, helicopter mom, meddling mother in law it’s only because our children are our world and when someone hurts them.. especially our grandchildren. Yes, we will be all of the above and go to any extent to take care of our children, grandchildren etc. I’m just saying..!!! Our adult kids may not understand it now but they will see it one day.. God willing. BTW Mine hated me at first.. only because she thought I hurt her son (per my point above..see.. lol) and loves me now.”

Carmen Madariags: “I’ve been divorced over 30 years. I respectfully have made it a point to never meddle in their affairs, rather just to let them know that I will ever be supportive ,nurturing, loving and willing to help in any way I might be needed. It works for me! I adore my daughter-in-law of 21 years now, and thank GOD for her because I could not have custom ordered a better wife for my son nor mother for my grandchildren. Prayers for all with monster in laws. I know a few!”

Joann Laque: “I’ve had 2 of the best mothers in law. Lupe Mendoza/Campos. She treated me like a daughter and always told me I was a great mother to her grandkids and that she loved me and that I was a good woman (that was 3 days before she passed by her hospital deathbed) The next one, Carmen Hernandez, always stood by my side and accepted my kids like her own grandchildren. She called me the day before she passed and said, “take care of the kids and my son. I know that as long as he is with you he will be fine.” That night, I told my husband I felt like our mom was saying goodbye. 12 hrs later, we got the call. Who knew! I loved them both. I was lucky. May they RIP.”

Marisol Medellin: “I was blessed with a GREAT mother-in-law. She raised a wonderful son.”

Ray Nuñez: “I had a good one. Well, when I was married, lol.”

Cleto Rodriguez: “I got blessed with an awesome mother in law Grace Vargas! She has always made me feel welcomed and especially loved! All my in-laws are awesome! Love them all! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for any of them! I’m so blessed!”

Mary Tamez: “I love my mother in law!”

Sharada Tholen Sanchez: “Monster! Then after all she has done, she has the nerve to want to stay with us a few years back. I said absolutely not! I will not walk on eggshells in my own home.”

Diana Aguirre Martinez: “My mother-in-law wasn’t a monster in law but rather apathetic about me and my children. She was very obvious about her favorite grandchildren. Unfortunately, her favorites used her incessantly, even after her death. My children never asked or used her in any way whatsoever. Yet as hard as we tried, she kept us at a distance even if it was unintentional. Unfortunately for her, my children didn’t mourn her death like they did my Mother’s.”

Leon Gaytan: “Oh no, she was one of a kind, her nickname given by her kids was “grandma MGD”….She would get me two beers,put one in the freezer and give me one.”

RD Gonzales: “First round, my mother in law was mean and dismissive. Never accepted nor respected me. Second marriage, I had a MIL who loved and accepted me and I enjoyed spending time with her. We lost her too soon and her absence is felt daily. She was an amazing human and such a loving grandmother, I was truly blessed to know her.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “I was blessed with a wonderful mother in law.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “No Comment!!! LOL”

Rosa Mendez: “ I was blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law.”
Sally Keen: “I had a great mother-in-law! and I always tell everyone she was a great MIL to me. She passed 3yrs ago. She was always loving and accepting. Always there when we needed her. She always encouraged me and had good advice that she mostly only gave when asked and rarely meddled, and when she did, it was gently done. Even when she felt I was “coming up short,” she had a way of telling/showing me without actually saying it. I’d later say, “hmm, that’s a great idea! I’m gonna do that,” I cannot say she was that for all her children, but she was always, ALWAYS that for me.I just knew and felt that she loved me THANK YOU JESUS!!!”

Slivia Rodriguez: “Got a good mother-in-law.”

Lydia Curran: “I had a very sweet mother-in-law. I called her mom. She was adorable. She was 4 foot maybe 9 or 10. She was a good cook as well as a good baker . She didn’t talk a lot but when she did, I listened. She was always very kind to me and loving; that’s what I remember about her. She was a great mom and grandmother .The first time I met my in-laws, my husband and I were dating and they were going out to a fancy dinner for his workplace. She had a black gown on with a fox wrap fur coat. I thought, “ wow” she looked amazing. A size 5 after eight kids. My father-in-law was wearing a black sharp suit with a black overcoat and a top hat. They looked like movie stars. I was so impressed and dazzled by them. They had great taste, especially my mother-in-law. She always had her hair up and colored a pretty strawberry blonde. She was gorgeous when she was young …she was a beautiful grandmother as well. When she passed, it’s true what they say; there was a big hole in everybody’s heart. So, I was very blessed to have her as my mother-in-law. Oh and my mother and father-in-law loved my mom so that made it really great and my mom loved them. She always called me Lovingly Lidie.”

Janie Saravia: “I had the best. Lucia Saravia saw me at my worst and loved me and still thought I was good for her son. She was a Mama Bear for sure. Always wanted the best for her kids. Thankfully she got to see us serving the Lord.”