Music itself transcends time, space, and cultures.It unites and gives all walks of life a common ground. Music evolves. Recently, conversations are being had that the ‘music of today is not very good.’ ‘Music is very angry’ ‘is a very common opinion. ‘Musicians are not as talented.’ What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Michael Meservey: “It sure does but pretty sure our parents couldn’t stand our music either.”

Anthony Cruz Gomez: “There are still great musicians out there playing but you have to look locally to start. What is commercially force fed isn’t a lot of real musicianship at all.
So are we talking about real musicians or pop style cookie cutter type artists?! Some might mistake today’s airwaves as music when it’s not. Older music seemed to come from the heart and touched the hearts of the listener. Where today’s music sounds like it wants your money and not so much your heart.”

Landy Zakarian Johnson: “Which is exactly what our parents said about us, though not in those words. I seem to recall something like “this junk isn’t music.”

Steve Häsler: “Dumb. Every generation has had “good” and “bad” music, including mine. It’s more an issue of people attaching to a style they liked when they were 20 and then stop trying.”

Marty Newton: “Angry, depressed, entitled, selfish; I’m sure today’s music has more than a little to do with all of it.”

Terry Creamer: “The stuff on the radio today is crap. At least with country music you can understand the lyrics.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “The music of yesteryear will always be the best, the music of today only promotes sexualism and money and what have you done for me lately- mentality. As a father of five girls, the music of today is trash.”

Julia Klein: “Who knows what the next generation will find in music. And today’s generation will degrade it like some people are doing to today’s offerings. Boomers like to say their music was the best, but what about all those great songs from the 30s and 40s, that generation produced some pretty marvelous stuff, too.”

Sandra Murphy: “Noise not music..”

Jeanette A Bates: “I listen to religious music. It is so uplifting!”

Retno: “ It’s no good anymore because of bad singers. They all need their song autotuned and there are no instruments played.They have no passion. All they can think of is making profit, not good music. Oh and they only sell looks, not talent. Bad lyrics; I can say there is no message in it. If it does, it’s always a very stupid message. All I hear about music nowadays is about sex, partying, getting drunk, drugs. It is terrible. Lack of creativity. They don’t have a specific style. Songs nowadays have the same melodies. They sound the same. This is the worst part: They.are.played.everywhere.”

Kathryn Allen: “That’s why I stay on the oldies stations thankful I can still listen to the greatest music ever.”

Liz Marrs Quinnett: “This is so closed minded. I love “my” music but I’ve found some great music from “today”. Shop around guys!”

John Cook: “Sorry… I am out of the 60’s and 70’s and I do know that they don’t write songs like that any more! !!Good stuff…!!!!!Old school I guess…..”

Eduard Paul: “ I agree. So much violence !! Vulgarities and nonsense in the lyrics ! No more melodic and romantic music ! It’s a disgrace! Very sad but thanks God every one can still listen to the good music of previous generations”

Janice Greenberg: “I’m 61, and had my kids when I was 30 and 33. I went out of my way to share my music with them including music from as far back as 1920. They loved it then I taught them what each apparatus was played on. They did choose their own music as they were growing up but still appreciate what I taught them.”

Debbie Reed: “Janice Greenberg, Yes, all genres of music are good. I have even listened to the music they have today. If you take out the screaming and cussing these songs have truth in them, the world is much different today than when we were raised. Even they want the violence to stop.”

George Melichar: “We grew up with all the problems you are going through. Love the time you live in. We never had phones or computers. We communicated one on one. We watched out for each other. Hanging was what we did, music was what we were. Our songs had stories, the stories were our lives. Embrace what you have and sing your songs, and for God’s sake learn to dance. Big hugs.”

Robbie Tronco: “Yes it’s a shame because they were raised on dismal sad angry music but there is a lot of great music out there. Now, they just choose not to listen to it because that’s not cool to them and that’s very sad. Take it from me, I have been DJing for 47 years. When I was a kid I was raised on my mother’s Motown music music for the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s were all fun. We have to get them back in the groove:-)

Bas Husein: “Songs of today reflect the way people act and think today. Long ago there was much more love and compassion and respect.”

Beverly Peterson: “Exactly what the elderly said about our music back in the day…”

Max McLaughlin: “Not entirely true. The commercial face of the music industry generally produces drek. But excellent musicians are still out there in large numbers. You just have to go looking for it.”

Ina Darlene Fougere: “So far from the truth! There are so many talented artists today, just as there were back in the day. Pay attention to the younger generation. They are keeping our music alive as well.”

Colleen Murrcattmansion Murray: “I’m not picking up on the angry teen vibe. More distraught and/or deflated and who can blame them. Parents don’t parent, education sucks and a healthy planet has been robbed from them. Teens (at least) today seem genuinely kinder to me. Says a person who grew up in a world where kids weren’t listened to and had their asses beat on a regular basis.”

Holly Ann Such: “I have 3 teenage boys and a pre teen girl so I listen to a lot of music throughout the day. The music that they play today is absolutely awful! The beats are pretty catchy but if you actually listen to what they’re saying it’s disgusting. I’m constantly telling them “I don’t think so” and have them change it but I know that’s 90% of the songs today.”

Michel de Gouw: “That’s what my parents said… and my parents’ parents… every generation has its own music and style. Thank god!!”

Margot Shugg: “I would advise everyone who’s dissatisfied with today’s music to try classical music. It comes in many varieties from humor to opera and much in between. Most of it does not include the human voice, but a wide range of musical instruments. Good music can bring tears of emotion to the eyes.”

Tim Morrison: “Imagine what the diversionary therapy music is gonna be like in the nursing home in 40 years time.”

Cherie Anne Bloscki: “I think it’s technology, there’s no communication anymore because they’re stuck on computer games and their phones isolating themselves and it’s rotting their brains!”

Lou Frisino: “Yeah it’s the corporate music a holes that put this crap on and force it down their throats everyday on the radio stations that are worthless really sad State of Affairs honestly nothing to remember or look back on it’s all machine made nothing real and soulful.”

Yoga Balakrishnan: “Isn’t this a “chicken or the egg” scenario? Are they angry because the music sucks or does the music suck because they’re angry?”

Melody Mike: “Music is in the ear of the beholder. Although some would disagree, the 90’s was a revolution that needed to happen. All “ fads”, genre changes and such was a need to express what others thought music should be. Again, Tejano is a great example of how a genre started small and grew into a phenomenon. With that said…. What is being shoved down our throats and ears by the radio and powers that be is simple, inane, crass, no intelligence, no wit or talent. And it is a fester on true musicianship.”