The 2018 midterm elections are revealing a record amount of new voter registrations. Also, in elections across the country, there seems to be a large volume of undecided voters. What advice in general would you give a new voter? an undecided voter? Let’s talk about it….

Patrick Southard:
“I would say, don’t vote Democrat or Republican. Look at the candidates and see which one supports the most of your ideals. Abortion, gun rights, healthcare, freedom of speech, etc. That should be the candidate you vote for. I’m so sick of smear campaigns.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“I had a mixed ballot this year. I vote based on my ideals and morals. Research your candidates.”

Vicky Ward: “If you don’t vote, you won’t have a say.”

Judy Gomez: “Your vote makes a difference. Be knowledgeable of your candidates.”

Emily Hoop: “ It is your right, privilege, and duty to vote. I bring my kids every year with me so they will learn this. I was on one ticket and my husband was on another. I noticed that they separated the parties when voting. Is this a coincidence?”