This weekend is the 2019 NFL Combine and teams will prepare to fulfill the needs of their roster. The annual draft prospect event is held every year in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oilfield Stadium, home of the Colts. Every coach, scout, and general manager will be in attendance.
The draft combine is perhaps the biggest interview week and weekend of these young prospects’ lives. Although they are evaluated throughout their college careers, this weekend will show how much they’ve improved and how accurate team’s assessments are from watching their college highlights. The drills that NFL coaches have the players perform allow coaches and scouts to assess the player’s fundamentals in their game.
Before drills are performed, scouts and coaches assess their strength with the bench press, their speed with the 40 yard dash, and their vertical jump with the long jump and vertical jump press. The draft prospects, before the weekend, are thoroughly interviewed and are notoriously asked some ridiculous questions.
Participants can opt out of certain drills and perform them during their school’s separate events showcasing their schools future draftees.
Big prospects like Nick Bosa, Dwayne Haskins, Quinnen Williams, and 2019 Heisman winner Kyler Murray are sure to draw a lot of buzz. The combine will be broadcasted on the NFL Network all weekend starting Friday at 9am EST all the way through Monday.