The Spurs woes continue as the team struggle on their annual rodeo road trip. The team’s only win was the Spurs one point victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.
When Spurs fans thought the team was headed in the right direction after a strong December and January, the Spurs have since struggled to keep up offensively. Defensively, the team is sorely missing injured guard Dejounte Murray, and now Toronto Raptor Danny Green.
The tipping stone to the team’s frustration was after their loss to the 12 win New York Knicks. The team was visibly frustrated leaving the court and Coach Pop was clearly angry and disappointed in his team’s lack of energy and enthusiasm on defense calling it “pathetic”, giving up 130 points to one of the worst teams offensively in the league.
Coach Pop in his interview with the press slapped his own face and took jabs at the media and the team out of frustration. Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan told the media the team’s string of losses was discouraging.
Coming home couldn’t have come quicker. The team will now need to refocus and prepare as they host Detroit on Wednesday and Oklahoma City on Saturday. Currently holding 8th place in the Western Conference, the Spurs will need to regain some ground and rack up a few wins as every game matters now and one loss can mean a playoff birth or not for the Spurs.