The Northside Independent School District (NISD) is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of its students and staff by preparing to showcase a “Run, Hide, Fight” video. This district-produced video provides crucial guidance on how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation.
NISD Police Chief Charlie Carnes emphasizes the importance of having a clear plan, stating, “If you have an option to run, run, get away from that situation. If you find that you’re not able to get away, then hide. Find a good hiding spot and hide from that shooter. If that’s not an option, fight, fight for your life.”
Do you believe it is a responsible and necessary move by NISD to educate students on active shooter responses, or do you have concerns about the potential stress it may induce? Let’s talk about it..

Patrick Killian: “It’s unfortunate that something like this needs to be done, but thanks for doing so- if even just one person is helped by this, that’s a success.”

Dee Jackson: “I’m sad that kids need this type of information.”

Sara Richter: “Children know this is the world we live in….let’s give them the knowledge to survive.”

Ben Wavez: “Workers should be armed with a gun to have a fighting chance against the active shooter, running away or hiding won’t help much (it does help), but survival chances would be low, especially if the active shooter has been planning or training for months, perhaps years.”

Miguel Perez Echartea: “I don’t condone weapons.having a gun on hand is a double edge sword. If we allow ourselves to carry guns,eventually these attacks will come from whom we least expect.”

Melissa Thread Veins: “We had a school shooting a few years back in my city and it’s the scariest thing in the world. After that my daughter was scared everyday to go to school. I feel so bad for kids having such a horrible thing to worry about every damn day. It’s hard to know what to tell your kids.”

Andrew Wells: “I’m actually impressed with this. It’s better than any of the kindergarten classes I’ve seen from any federal government training.”

Randy Shoemaker: “It’s sad We are at a point where our children need to learn how to Stay Alive at School.”

Jill Abraham Burns: “They should give the teachers bear spray!!”

Angelo Sébastien Azzain: “Train them how to self defense with weapons.”

Ryleigh Morrow: “It’s sad that they need to make educational videos like this now.”

Nurhan Caylar Buhl: “Run if possible, hide if not possible and fight if defense is needed.”

Danny Evenson: “Please watch this. It can help.”

Liz Ward: “This is the world we live in. The good does outweigh the bad but there’s no stopping the evil in some peoples hearts.”

Jennifer Nolan Ames: “I feel for this generation. It’s not supposed to be like this.”

Elle Sanchez: “This is so sad. As parents, it’s so stressful, at least I know for myself, every morning dropping off my kids at school. I pray EVERY MORNING God protects them and keeps them safe always, and all our children.”

Sandra P. Hardeman: “So sad that we live in a place that’s not safe for our kids to enjoy life and school.”

North Reynolds: “Lord please keep all the students, teacher and administrative staff – safe this school year.”

Eleonor Ramirez: “How sad. We can’t even send the kids to school without being scared of what can happen.”

Jem Holograms: “We need to start focusing on mental health, lack of accessibility, affordability, and support systems. Until this is fixed and working properly we will continue to have these issues. Society throws band-aid fixes at the issue and never addresses the underlying problems that cause it.”

Nezuko Satoru: “It’s so sad that we got to this point where our kids have to learn to survive a shooting. When I was in school, there was no such thing.”

Andrew Cano: “Never in a million years would I have thought this is what schools would be showing students….”

Tim Crys Asebedo: “Just lock all the doors like Harlandale district does. I don’t see anyone entering. In Harlandale you need an i.d,birth certificate and they need ur blood type before entering the school.”

Tati Ana: “I see how you could fight someone who’s carrying a handgun or revolver….not so sure about an assault rifle though.”

Philisha Young: “Hopefully my son’s high school does WAY more than just show this video!! Like practice lockdown drills (more than ONE a year) oh and maybe they should REQUIRE students and teachers to wear their IDs and have them visible at all times while on campus. My SENIOR has had the same Id he got as a freshman AND never has to have it out! Security needs to change! I could literally walk on my son’s campus and probably not be questioned! I’m thankful my youngest is a Senior and we are about finished with public school. I worry about my grand babies now!”

Racquel Reyes Torres: “So sad that they even have to watch this video. I hope that students are also being told to say something to a parent or school administrator if another student makes a threat. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Valerie L Perez: “Bullet proof vest on every child is sadly the next step.”

Lisa Nichole: “In Harlandale ISD, they have been preparing kids for the past 10 years. It’s just a sad reality that we live in.”

Erica Lynn: “Knowledge is power. Times have changed and this is our new reality.”

Renee Peña: “It’s sad but it’s good information. You can use it in a lot of situations. Not just in school or active shooter situations.”
Jesse Reyes: “Like the Shooter isn’t gonna watch this and plan for it? You’re giving away your Play Book.”

Debra Ann Espinoza: “Ugh My daughter is going to come home so frightened.”

Renae Gee: “Y’all need more security. Kids shouldn’t have to prepare for SCHOOL like this.”