Rosa Parks may have had it right when she said, “I believe there is only one race- the human race.” The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 confirmed humans are 99.9% identical at the DNA level and there is no genetic basis for race. If this is true, why have we been taught to put so much emphasis on our race? Our differences? The color of our skin? Let’s talk about it…

Melody Mike: “I really like and sometimes get frustrated with this conversation. People focus on the wrong things. It’s never been a color thing. It’s always been a cultural thing, the color just identifies. People are afraid of what they do not know. And if the culture is foreign to them, and the people look foreign to them, fear will win out in the situation. As far as the genome and the DNA, well I guess the forefathers in this country had it right before then because the law of the Constitution says we respect people as a person as a God given right to live. That is the ultimate law in the land, and no one follows it. The Christian religion, which the majority of our country is embedded in, cannot follow the simple precept of what Jesus said to love thy neighbor . So, in your presentation of this conversation, you’re right, we are taught, but we are taught the wrong way not what the rules of the land are.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “We weren’t taught to judge people by their race. When we were kids we were all kids from the southwest side of town. We weren’t brown kids, white kids, or black kids – we were just kids.”

Chris R. Pelayo: “Good questions there. I’m just not into identity politics so I will continue to judge people by the content of their character… and whether they can play Saxon tunes right or not.”

Margaret Mishra: “As I read this post, I keep asking myself how I interact daily with racism, and what is racism in the first place. How do I meet each person I meet as a fellow on the path of life just searching for themselves and finding themselves in the face of their neighbor. It is a daily process. Thank you for making me think a bit more about this.”

Surendra Pratap Singh: “Dreaming of a circumnavigation sailing to promote a unified inclusive Human Race for peace, prosperity, and elimination of divisive race labels and poverty from the planet earth.”
Breena: “I remember the exact moment during childhood that I suddenly “saw” color. I was playing with a group of children at a barbecue family friend’s house. We decided to play hide and seek on teams, and this girl asked me if I wanted to be on her team. I said okay, and another girl came up asking if she could be on our team too. Before I could respond, the first girl said “No, we already have a team. You should go over there to that guy.” After the other girl went away, the first girl turned to me and said as matter of factly, “she can’t be on our team because she’s black.” All of a sudden, it was like I suddenly saw all the colors of the people around me. I assumed I was dumb and just didn’t know that different colors of people had to be grouped together when playing games. I also didn’t know why the first girl called the other girl “black” when she was clearly the color of chocolate. I looked at my own skin and wondered what it was called. “So you and me are the pink team,” I said aloud to the first girl. She frowned and said “No, we’re the rainbow unicorns.”

Shawn Howlett: “Right, but when you as an adult say you’re color blind, some Leftoid loses their mind, accusing you of deflecting from the problem (or manufactured problem of the day) with your neutral stance on color and race. Kinda sad that people truly accepting of others, have to be accused of sinister ulterior motives by some Wokester who wants you to actively support their cause, as they continue to find fault in everyone but themselves.”

Ed Cavallo: “ Unconditional acceptance… our greatest need!”

Mark Mark: “It’s amazing how pure we come into this world. What this world does to us, tainting our souls is so sad. We are all beautiful, as we were made from the eyes of our creator. If you were creating, would you want to make one of the same things or have your imagination run free. I’d choose the latter if you ask me. I’d want color, all shades of it. From the lightest version to the darkest ebony I could imagine and then everything in between.”

Carol-Lynn Richmond: “No hatred or anything, this is what keeps us as humans going with hope that we can still make changes and end bigotry, racism, you name it. Children are born as clean sheets and we need to stop dirtying the sheets with hatred. Let’s all just live and let live. Chill out and get to know other people instead of seeing someone as a race or color or religion and straight off judging them. You never know when that person might end up helping you out or saving you or a loved one.”

Åke Rosenius: “There will always be some who think the rules don’t apply to them or shouldn’t apply to them, and so will feel justified to act as if they don’t.There will always be some who desperately need an Evil Enemy that makes their world simple and easy to understand, who will happily designate Evil Enemies left and right and fight the Good and Noble Fight against them. There will always be some who think they are better than others, or that they would be better off if others hadn’t wronged them somehow, or that grudges for actual wrongs should be held for multiple generations, or that a hypothetical higher power will reward them if they fight everyone else, or…The list goes on and on. Tribalism, collectivism, simplification of problems/solutions and a tendency to see patterns that aren’t there, it’s all in our monkey brains. We’re not foremost a thinking species, we’re a feeling species and we think stuff that will match what we feel.”

Never Appropriate: “This is exactly what I’ve been saying for years and get ridiculed if I ever say it out loud. “Black” and “white” can just make you subconsciously think there’s a huge difference between you, while the term “race” can make you think one person is ahead of the other. Mixing those two terms is an awful idea. “Black” being negative and “white” being positive can also make us immediately paint a picture of someone’s character based on their skin color. Sounds ridiculous, but brainwashing is huge in America, and much of the world. Most humans are mixed even if they’re pale or dark. Many people even have recorded their reaction when they get their DNA test, and show how pissed they are when they’re not at all what they expected. A lot of history has been changed and/or hidden from us, and it can be hard to know exactly where your ancestors came from. The labels we use are so damn confusing, most of us don’t even know what to say, and just use whatever label everyone else seems to be using that year. I just can’t wait to see what the human race will think of this a few hundred years from now.”