This week, I read this: I’ve been married to the most amazing woman for 30 years. She became a personal trainer and is in incredible shape. I’m not in her kind of shape, and I can’t perform too well sexually, even with ED meds. She recently asked if she could have her (sexual) needs taken care of by a young client she trains. I’m OK with it, since I’m sympathetic to her desires, as long as she doesn’t fall in love. Would you be willing to do this for your significant other or would you appreciate this being done for you? Let’s talk about it…

Beverly Brooks: “I’m a ‘in sickness and in health’ kinda gal, myself. Sex is a huge part of the marriage it’s not impossible to do without in circumstances like this- or maybe they could find alternative ways to please each other without being unfaithful. 30 years would be a helluva lot to give up ‘IF’ she fell in love…. let’s be honest- most women equate sex with some form of love so to me that might be inevitable here. It would be easy to say that it’s fine as long as they both agree to it, but pity or obligation on either side of this relationship isn’t a healthy alternative. Just my .02 cents.”

Veronica Ronnie Vasquez: “Nope, a relationship is not all about sex.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “They’re both dumb! If someone I am with is interested in someone else, adios! Because tomorrow, I will have a new chick! Ya Sabes!”

Emmitt Jimenez: “Love is forever and there are plenty of alternatives to satisfy her needs.”

Joy Poth-Aleman: “An interesting survey, Yvette.”

Chris Castillo: “Hell to the no!!! Marriage should not be about ‘sharing is caring.’ Unconditional love. No matter what. Marriage is about honor and loyalty.. at least to me and mine.”

Roman A Garcia: “Most just do it without asking.”

Carey Calvert: “Bye baby.”

Mikey Barrera: “If you have to do that ,you might as well get divorced now. I don’t think my truck would like to see another car.”

Senior Seeking Soulmate: “This is a dangerous solution to the problem. I can appreciate her honesty and his willingness to participate in the proposal. What works for one couple may not work for another. We are not to judge others so in a world if polyamorous relationships this may work. I would hope they could work something out that keeps the marriage monogamous. Today ED is treatable, some options are very painful but there are some treatments that are amazing and help the couple to remain sexually intimate with each other. If she wants to stay married I recommend alternative solutions. Dr. Char, Author, TV producer and Senior Dating/ Relationship coach.”

Rodney Kidd: “Gurl, you did not just say that.”

Belinda Mayen-Aldana: “Well when my husband was sick and could not perform he told me to divorce him and go find someone else that could, I could not do it because it was not his fault that he had been hit with cancer and I felt that would make me a total asshole. Now if the man had these issues and did not want to do anything to help the situation such as taking meds etc then I might.”

Clayton Perry: “Nope.”

Bpanh Kpnkmyp: In my perspective, regardless of gender, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about the possibility of entering into an open relationship. Ensure that you have all your belongings in order before embarking on this new chapter of your life with someone else. It’s crucial to understand that the intimacy you share with your spouse may lose its uniqueness, as you may become one of several partners. The distinction might be that you contribute to the household finances, but this doesn’t necessarily make you special.I once knew a woman who successfully persuaded her husband to consider an open relationship. Often, when women desire such arrangements, they already have a few potential partners lined up and ready to go once their spouse agrees to the idea. My friend claimed to have experienced the best moments of her life during her open relationship. However, despite her promise not to neglect her marriage, that’s exactly what happened. She became so engrossed in her other relationships that she began to distance herself from her husband. It was only when her husband expressed frustration and anger that she realized the need to mend their marriage.She had been going on dates with other men four times a week, but she made sure to spend time with her husband during her menstrual cycle or when she wasn’t feeling well. However, when her husband suggested closing the open marriage because it wasn’t working for him, she viewed him as weak and continued with her other relationships. One day, when she returned home, her husband was gone. This event served as a wake-up call for her, snapping her out of her thoughtlessness. It was the moment she began to truly care about her husband’s feelings, as he was no longer there to endure her hurtful actions. Upon returning home from work after not seeing her husband for about eight days, she found a separation and divorce envelope on the table. Desperate to save her marriage, she tracked down her husband and begged him not to leave, promising never to repeat her mistakes. Unfortunately, it was too late, and she lost everything.”

Molly Jiang: “Um No.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “HELL NO.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “What happened to thick or thin, richer or poor and health, etc. Hard no for me.Eventually they’re going to wind up getting divorced.”

Rick Carter: “ Why would a person be so warped to post that, keep that to yourself, good luck, I know some good doctors. I don’t mean to be rude, but really they need to go work at the food bank or veterans shelter or something.. great things to do with Spouses & significant others.”

Emmitt Jimenez: “Love is forever and there are plenty of alternatives to satisfy her needs.”

Harold Smith: “I’m in my 60’s now and have had an ‘Open marriage’ on and off for years. The one thing I can offer is this; There is a HUGE difference between LOVE and LUST. Do not confuse the two. Many, if not most guys fall in love with their first piece of tail. This is crazy but it happens, not always of course, but a LOT of times. I felt I needed to teach our children to know the difference and not to ‘Fall in Love’ with his or her first relationship. It’s also about the intense talks before a marriage ‘Opens’. Ground rules must be discussed beforehand. Do not let your imagination run away with you when you are with someone really sexual and think you are falling in love, what you are falling in is LUST. Just enjoy it and don’t let yourself become emotionally attached.”