By Yvette Tello

I just read that Greg Abbott our governor is thinking of opening the businesses back up. It will be the biggest mistake Texas makes! We will be hit with a second wave of this virus! Mark my words, if businesses open up again , right now, we will be in trouble! Please keep practicing what we’re doing now washing your hands, not going out and staying home because if businesses open up this will get bad! Greg Abbott, you will be making a very big mistake by opening up businesses again! I hope you have better sense than this! Just to make a little money it’s going to end up taking someone’s life, is it worth it?

Is it time to open businesses back up? Let’s talk about it..#letstalkaboutit

Elvin Keeney: “ I’ve written this on numerous posts from others. The guy didn’t write the current “stay-at-home orders”…the mayors and county folks did. So, now he is going to step in and tell them to reopen? Hmmm…that will be happening at “half past never”. Local governments would need to step up and call him out for proposing this BS.”

Al Martinez: “ Easy for people that have it all and are used to being home all the time. Let’s get back to work. Bills never take a break.”

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “ If he does, it won’t be till May. By then we’ll pass the curve and things will get better. More people have died from the flu in Texas and around the US. If we don’t open up we’ll be hit with a major depression that even these working from home will feel.”

Ricardo Mendiola: “Yes. Open for business!”

Hope Robinson: “ The politicians are testing the water to see what kind of public response there will be. Do you want your loved ones lives to be used for the benefit of political power? That’s the question. I’m in SW Michigan. The virus is still spreading here. Number of infections and deaths are still rising. Would feel better if there were atleast tests available before lifting stay at home orders. Yes, will need to wait until end of April to decide next step. The wife of one of my husband’s coworkers came back from a spring break cruise with covid19. Is still in hospital and husband still not back to work. I had flu/cold last week of February. Now am in 6th week of “bronchitis”. Never had it before in my life. Now there’s a nagging voice in the back of my head.”

Monica Monica: “I agree. People will go out is droves and it will start all over again. Mid May maybe but for sure by end of May. I hate to say it but we need this.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “ No definitely not!”

Amanda Moreno: “No, we haven’t even reached peak exposure. I understand the economy will suffer but lives are more important.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I think the end of the month.This thing is not going to go away. H1N1 was this years flu strain. It infected 60 million people in 2009 when it was novel. The longer we keep business closed the harder and wider recession and impact on our economy. Imagine this thing with mass homelessness and starvation.”

Gene A. Gomez: “ Noooo.”

Maria Chavez Rocco: “I think it’s going to be much longer….Texas is behind in everything including testing and accuractly reporting necessary statistics to make informed decisions!”

Benjamin Godina: “ We need a lock down for 2 weeks then look it after that. We should have done a lockdown 3.5 weeks ago.”

Corina Corina: “ Are people even really staying home? My boyfriend is an essential worker so he must go to work at least 4 days a week. Everyday he’s out, he says that there’s so much traffic out as if it was a normal day and that stores such as HEB, Walmart, and Sams are extremely packed with people everyday. I believe less than half of the people in this city are actually following the orders.

Thomas Mc: “Texas is not ruled by science or education. This is a huge mistake to appease certain people. I’m working from home until June at earliest. I, unlike many. listen to experts.”

Richard Perez: “At some point, the economy will have to start again. People cannot stay at home indefinitely and not expect a severe economic depression. Government dollars come from tax payers, with out a GDP to tax, there is no money for government programs such as Medicaid and other social services. Imagine what will happen when state and local government services shut down because they can no longer pay for it. This disease is not 100% fatal, like media portrays it to be. Honestly, as a veteran I’ve had worse odds during my time in the military. Now that being said, he never once said “open full bore”. He said they are looking at ways to open up while maintaining public safety. No one wants people sick and dying, but thinking we can keep this type of environment going even for another month, is just not a viable solution.”

Joseph Martinez : “There are too many unknowns about this virus. With that said, the virus controls us, we don’t control the virus UNLESS we shut it down by following present guidelines. Huge mistake by Abbott who is dancing to the tune of the ignorance in leadership of this country.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “I think we need to do a total lockdown. I know this is hurting businesses but this covid-19 is taking people’s lives.  We’re going to be just as bad as New York if we don’t take the right precautions.”

Bob Garcia: “Really, your money tree must be dropping leaves like crazy. The swine flu hit millions in 2009 and we did not do what we’re doing now. Not everyone has money bags to carry them through. There are families that pool their income together to make ends meet. Business need consumers to stay open, product needs to move. If not farmers and companies will lose. Yes, it scary; this virus but adapt to a cleaner lifestyle we will overcome this.

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “ If he does, it won’t be till May. By then, we’ll pass the curve and things will get better. More people have died from the flu in Texas and around the US. If we don’t open up, we will be hit with a major depression that even those working from home will feel.”