By Yvette Tello

We all want a better tomorrow for our children. We want them to do better than we did and have more than we have ever had. Some parents think college is the only way they can do accomplish this. What do you want for your children and how do you expect them to accomplish this? Trade school? Hard work? Apprenticeship? College? Let’s talk about it…

Kelli Arguello: “I think whatever makes them happy and they can support themselves then they should do it. I support  whatever decision they make. College is not for everyone.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s hard because we want them to have it all. I pray that my husband and I have raised them right.”

Argentina Caudillo Faberlle: ”My son graduated last year and I’m pushing for college because I do feel that’s the only way. I sometimes dont know what to feel because I want him to be happy but I want so much for him.  He is my first baby so I want to lead him in the right direction…I always hear what a good young man he is and I take it as assurance that I did something right so far. I pray that he always makes right decisions.

Noel Tello: “ College does open more doors and gives one better choices. However, work ethic is taught at home. Growing up, my family never taught me to plan for a career, just to work. I always tell my boys, “anyone can get a job,” “do something you love a make it a career. I’ve always told my wife, if my boys wanna work off a garbage truck and it makes them happy, then so be it. But I’m gonna make sure they’re educated garbage men. No one can take their education away.”

Sherry Hilton Vargas: “My son (23 now) tried the college route but it wasn’t for him so he went to a trade school and loved it because it was very hands on. My daughter (15 now) has her sights set on going to A&M to study large animal biology (so she can work with large animal rescues and African sanctuaries) and is working hard to accomplish this goal. My youngest (8yrs) wants to be in the military then study to be a science teacher (and maybe an astronaut). I think each person is different and college is not always the best fit for everyone. Kids now days are pushed to go to college so a lot of the trades are suffering from a lack of trained workers. Also, a lot of college graduates are unable to get work in their job field because it is so saturated with graduates with the same degrees. Unless it is a very specific degree jobs will be hard to find for graduates.

I will support my children in whatever route they choose. I want them to be happy without undue stress of doing something that is not making them happy.”

Joanna Rodriguez: “ I want my children to be educated but I do not want them to start their life out with debt. I struggle to pay my student loans and take care of them.  I don’t want them to know this stress.”

Denise Gonzalez: “ My son is an artist. College can’t teach him what the school of life will teach him. He needs to be able to express himself. College does not allow for that. When he told me school wasn’t for him, I supported his decision.”