We understand that navigating through traffic can sometimes be frustrating, and there are certain behaviors that can make it worse. Like people who take up two parking spaces or not pulling over for an emergency vehicle. What is your pet peeve when driving? Let’s talk about it…

Carey Calvert: “Slow people in the left lane “

Michelle Rushing: “Just happened…when people behind you do not give you a chance to take your foot off the gas when the light turns green before they are honking or not being able to flip people off without worrying about being shot or when I’m riding my motorcycle,and people in front of me tossing out their cigarette.”

Paul Arellano: “Other people who don’t know how to drive.”

Jimmy T Tello: “When at a red light, someone is on their phone but doesn’t look up when the light turns green. And of course, they are able to make the turn but you can’t because the light turns red.”

Frances Casales Potter: “Somebody that drives as bad as me.”

Sally Schopp Patino: “Slow drivers and aggressive drivers.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “People from Jersey that cut you off at Chick-fil-A as it merges to one lane or people who don’t know how to merge and make you move over because they’re not paying attention or drivers who drive with their pets on their lap.”

Willie Williams: “When a MF pulls out from a parking lot into my lane and I gotta slam the brakes… just for that bastard to take the next right turn into another parking lot!”

Joe Morales: “Left-lane residents.”

Mikey Barrera: “People passing red lights not giving a darn about anybody else or who they hurt, and most of the time it’s because they are late for work.”

Rick Carter: “Getting on my tail when the traffic is flowing but can’t go any faster.”

Vincent Zamora: “Peeving pets.”

Edward Foster: “People in the fast lane not moving over.”

Kenny Blake: “Other people driving.”

Yvonne Pena: “The usual, people texting and driving all over the road.”

Thomas Mc: “Driving.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “Not letting me through when I’m trying to exit and they are going straight.”

Veronica Ronnie Vasquez: “Ugh, where do I begin… people (mostly young punks) driving up on my butt, when there is plenty of space in the fast lane. People who don’t use the blinker, until the last minute when they are turning or getting into my lane or don’t use it at all. People who drive slow in the fast lane. People who don’t know how to use a 4 way stop. Ugh, I can go on. Lol.”

Juan Avila: “People texting and driving.”