Early voting has begun. How will you be voting on proposition B? Prop B takes aim at the issue by removing some power from the police officers union and giving it to the city. It was explained to me that there are many “bad” police officers that the chief of police deems as a bad officer but is forced to rehire. The officer who fed a homeless man a feces sandwich got his job back. Officers involved in violent crimes off duty are rehired. The Chief fires them and the union makes sure they are rehired. The proposition isn’t intended to be against the police. It is so that bad police can be accountable for their actions and to keep citizens safe. What are your thoughts? let’s talk about it…

Mason B Dixon: “Prop B is a disaster and not worth it. I’ve read it and it reads just like other “defund” movements around the nation.The movement of defunding is a radical communistic based initiative, to destabilize our Nation. We here in San Antonio do not have the same problems that other cities have, we have the best men and women on the force here at home.”
Vote NO on prop B!”

Mike Jones: “Vote YES on proposition B if you are tired of the San Antonio police officer’s association defending bad cops. Yes for accountability.”

Goldzco Dan: “No one in San Antonio is supporting this demented proposal so please stop the lies.”

Diana Uriegas: “I just wish someone would put it in PLAIN AND SIMPLE terms.”

Kelly Fitzgerald: “Maybe if they’d stop covering up for bad cops.”

Jeff Hull: “People really have no clue what “defunding” police is all about. It has nothing to do with taking money away from police. It’s about using some of that money to educate the community. Policing our city and neighborhoods isn’t only the responsibility of the police. It’s the responsibility of citizens as well. Some of that funding will improve the city as well as support officers on patrol. “Defund the police” is a slogan that supports divesting funds from police departments and reallocating them to non-policing forms of public safety and community support, such as social services, youth services, housing, education, healthcare and other community resources.”

Linda Ramos:”Most definitely! Back SA Blue.”

David Santana: ‘I VOTE NO.”

Zenaida Gonzales: “Don’t believe the propaganda. Prop B has nothing to do with funding, budgets, or officer’s pay. It gives the police union the chance to negotiate in good faith under a system that every other major city in Texas operates under providing better pay and benefits for officers. Vote Yes.”

John Lee: “Interesting. Most polls I see of actual residents have Prop B failing by a 2 to 1 margin.”

Noey Villanueva: “SAPD needs to clean house. SAPD definitely has its share of crookedness.”

Corina Barrera: “We need our law enforcement officers.”

Benjamin Evan: “VOTE NO if you have any respect for police and fire, don’t want crime to go up, want quality cops to remain in one of the best trained police forces in the country.”

Benjamin Evan: “Democrats: Unions are the greatest thing ever.Democrats: cops having Unions is the worst thing ever.”

Gee G Zee: “We AREN’T AUSTIN folks. Vote No!! Vote Against!! FixSAPD loves to fabricate stories. NO TO DEFUNDING our police.”

JJ Fridaze Pokker: “Out of 8 major cities, San Antonio is 1 of 3 left that are on CBA. This idiot is talking about competing with other cities for jobs. Is he serious? That’s what comes to mind is job competition? Just shows the small-mindedness of these people. I am voting yes.”

Candy Yvonne: “Is it really the police that need to be reformed or those who govern them? If they’re fired why are they rehired? Sounds like the issue comes right from the top! We should probably be thinking about who our elected officials are allowing such rules. Twisted. City Council, the Policy Chief and current Mayor need to be reformed. Key words “bargaining agreements with the union.” Unions are a huge problem and they are the ones who fund dirty leaders and politicians. They’re all tied together.”

Todd Forbes: “Your topics of discussion are always fun-Defunding the police is not the way to affect positive change. We have plenty of examples at play around the country to show that, now that the verdict is in, there is a precedent set for “actions unbecoming.” This is the process, but I still say action is reaction when it comes to dealing with the law. Control your actions, since you can’t control anybody else. Thank you those in blue that are seeing this through. Although there are some bad apples in the bunch, they will be exposed! But for every one of them there are 100 times worse people out there who would, without a second thought, take from you what isn’t rightfully theirs.”

Lena Brooks: “If an officer lies on a police report that officer should be fired. His report can cost someone their freedom.”

John Martinez: “Remember when McManus left and was hired by CPS, then- he got his job back instead of following the rules of rehiring that position? I believe the whole force needs to be restarted. You can not stand your ground and against a crime in San Antonio. I believe Chief McManus needs to be fired.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Accountability now before the city and the entire area gets labeled as corrupt and undisciplined. Officers like the ones you mentioned have no place protecting our citizens either in San Antonio or any police department.”

Thomas Mc: “Voting absolutely YES to prop 8. It has nothing to do with defunding and the fact police groups are saying that and basically lying reinforces my need to vote YES.”

Magdalena Alvarado: “We must protect ourselves. Police look out for each other. They’ve had time and opportunities to clean their house.”

Rosie Reyes: “I urge all my friends and family to vote yes on proposition B.”

Chris Powell: “They are truly misguided. Our governor already said he would defund a city who tried to defund the police. We need real Texans in there for Texas not demoncratic communist.”

Kenneth L Morgan: “I was thinking today of all of our military (thousands) that have fought against Communism and died. Now, we have a hostile takeover by these oppressors and it was the Democrat party that removed the Un-American committee and gave that senator hell because he confirmed Hollywood was rife with Communists. Then, they let all these professors into our institutes of higher education to brainwash the students. There will be no Liberty and no more Freedom.”

Meelah Babykake Davis: “If all lives matter, why are black lives dismissed, murdered, jailed, paid less, and under valued? I’m for all lives but it would be a blind statement to say that black lives are not being attacked. For whatever reason, the “majority”race chooses not to acknowledge systemic racism and exclusion . There are white bibles that date back centuries on how to dismantle the negro family, and how to enslave the mind of the black man. Why won’t y’all admit the transgressions so we all can heal together as “one race” human kind.”

Michael J. Cowett: “Vote No on Proposition “B” in May election.”