By Yvette Tello
Protesting is ok as long as it is peacefully done. There was a post shared with me that talked about the protest at the Bexar county courthouse telling people to wear gear so they would not be identified. What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc: “Protest needs to continue until reform is made. I can give you an entire history lesson of the times riots have led to change…Is it better to leave systemic racism and police brutality in place? If you’re already set in your ways that things are fine, there will be no change. Look at how many peaceful protestors have been filmed being beaten , sprayed, and hit with rubber bullets. How many reporters were filming when cops attacked them? The whole police system is built on systemic racism and needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.”

Mike Miller: Why keep destroying everything? How does that do anything good? I don’t see one protest where they are not destroy property and in their own neighborhoods. These people go so called protesting and destroying things. People who had nothing to do with it are blamed by having their property destroyed. The officer involved is in custody and charged, as it should be. But they want the country to pay? That is just wrong. Blaming the total for the one. What if everyone did that? If you agree with other people getting beat up, shot, killed and property destroyed, you are just as racist as the people you accuse because people black and white are having lives turned upside down. One black man dies, everyone riots. White man died also, nobody notices. Black people kill each other more than any other group. Where is your outrage on that? There is also a statistic stating black officers kill more blacks than white officers. Where is the rage in that? It’s a tragedy from the word go. Why do we focus on the one? This does not propel us forward, it sets us back. This officer was killed in St. Louis trying to stop looters, what about that? . How can you call destruction of property peaceful? There are black people and officers black and white all over this country standing together and people scream racism. People all over this country are standing together against this man’s death and against the destruction of people’s lives and property. Your CNN won’t show that.

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I hope all of my San Antonio friends are safe. When you destroy businesses everyone suffers”.

Beverly Brooks: “Why would they need to be worried about being identified if it’s a “protest”? I hope and pray for the safety of all involved, too.”

Roy Cruz: “More is planned when they are saying to hide their identity..protesting must be a code.. It is just an excuse for looting.”

Yolanda Perez: “People can protest so there is reform. But trashing local business is not making a statement; it’s setting the cause back.”

Jay Viveiros: “Why hide themselves? Be more than ready for them to mess up.”

Danny Rodriguez: “No worries the FBI will be there as well all threats made on the net are FEDERAL so by all means they won’t stand a chance”

Michael N Rebecca Ortega: “Anyone who starts destroying property or throwing stuff, take them out. That isn’t a protester. That’s a punk.”

Paul Crow Castillo: “I’m looking forward to seeing all those protesters get a taste of the police ‘’riot sticks’’,,,,the protesters are in to get their butts kicked for sure. this is not for ‘’JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD’’,,, it’s for the pleasure of all the hoodlums that love criminal activity, Just the hoodlums being terrorists.
They will show up with all kinds of stuff to hide their faces, so I hope the cops use dye on them so they can be identified later,,, & hopefully they will”

Luis Elizondo: “Punks that’s all the are” Tea Santos: “Its SAD many won’t be leaving their kids at home”

Kristina Zavala: “Spray them with dye …so they can be identified later!”

Penelope Perez: “Protesters risk being doxxed and personally identified by people who do not agree with what they are doing. They wear protective gear to hide their faces in order to protect themselves from being outed by radical groups that do not want them to be there. Pray for reform and peace, complacency kills.”