By Yvette Tello

In a world that continues to insist on organizing people on racial lines, I would like to say that our newspaper does not only serve the Hispanic community but the San Antonio Community. That means all races, all cultures, all colors; we are all inclusive to the beautiful diverse community that we are all a part of. Today, I saw a story about a bus driver that was assigning children’s seats on a bus by race in Comal county. I read a post by a dear friend of mine who’s 4 year old bi-racial daughter was teased by classmates about her hair and skin color calling her ugly. That is learned behavior; the older bus driver and the children teasing this innocent baby. I never told my children that we were all equal; I showed them. As a parent, I taught compassion and equality but I also taught that some behaviors are mean and should not be tolerated. We should not defend jerk behavior nor teach it. I can’t believe in 2020 we are still dealing with these issues. What can we do to change such awful behavior? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

USC Rose:“This is horrible and upsetting as a Comal ISD mom. Comal ISD needs more diversity education and cultural awareness for all staff. This is black history month! This incident is heartbreaking for our children to experience!”

Aisha Chapa: “Outrageous!!! He should be fired, of course and slapped with a lawsuit!”

Diana Perez: “I have a niece and nephew who are too biracial but are still babies. I dread the day they start to go through this.”

Joanna Hernandez: “ This is a form of bullying and the parents should be brought in to talk about their children’s behavior. The teachers should be reprimanded for not addressing this with the children or their parents. The child is learning that she will need to tolerate this behavior because everyone else is.”

Roger Rodriguez: “Growing up in San Antonio, I didn’t see this happen. It seems that now days, it is worse than what it was when I was growing up or where I grew up. Where did all this hate and racism come from? We are all one race- the human race.”