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Micayla Garza is a twenty-two year old artist and architecture student based in Austin, Texas. She is set to graduate in the fall of 2020 from the University of Texas and intends on continuing her career exploring the intersecting fields of art and architecture.

Artist Statement

“Through process and form, my work has been informed by my education in architecture. Pulling from the methodical approach involved in architectural thinking, my art breaks down the subject of each piece into their component parts, focusing on a single emotion, person, or memory. I often draw people that I am close to, using our shared conversations to intuitively lead and bring intimacy to each piece. As a current architecture student at the University of Texas, I have access to a materials lab where we exchange and recycle products. These found materials inspire each piece and contribute to my exploration of different mediums. My process is fluid and unplanned; I try not to restrict myself to any certain size, medium, or formula for making. However, the foundation of every piece starts with a portrait which sets the tone for the development of the artwork, allowing each piece to feel unrehearsed. Ultimately, my work reveals something about me or others which was previously unseen. My work is as near to myself as I ever will be.”

Lone Star Studios has three different galleries presenting new exhibitions for this year’s Contemporary Art Month. The Dock Space Gallery Annex is presenting Deconstruction of a Reconstruction  with artists Jennifer Seo, Micayla Garza, and Benjamin McVey. Deconstruction of a Reconstruction  is curated by Robert Wurzbach, Ann FitzGibbons and Emily Kinder. The date of this pop-up exhibition is March 14.

These works explore abstraction and minimalism through a variety of media. The curators explain, “We all view objects as shapes. These shapes in return are reconstructed as images. Our recognition and recollection is pivotal to the understanding of their meaning. These artists view their particular images that have been rebuilt into a model of their own imagination. To view these pieces is

to create your own personalized construction of that altered reality. DECONSTRUCTION OF A RECONSTRUCTION.”

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