By Yvette Tello
This pandemic has changed the way we shop. Amazon is my go-to for everything possible. The problem is my recycle bin is full and I have so many cardboard boxes to get rid of and have not been able to because I have so many boxes a week.. Am I the only one with this prob- lem? Let’s talk about it…

Letty Garcia Tijerina: “You’d think that Amazon would have drop off places for all of these boxes we get! They think of every- thing but this!”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I love online grocery shopping. No impulse pur- chases.”

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “ With growing baby’s it’s much easier to shop online, afraid to take the baby’s out. Yes sometimes we get overflow with too many boxes. We try to cut them down to size as to try to make room so it won’t be bulky”

Gene A. Gomez : “Mine is full of pizza boxes”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “It really hasn’t changed the way we shop; granted, we shop more in Castroville where the rules are much more relaxed than in San Antonio.”

Jerry Leonard : “ I have been using the boxes as mulch in the garden. I lay them flat and put hay over the top to keep the weeds down and the soil from drying out.”

Lila A’Giza: “Boxes and poly bags; I receive in- ventory regularly for my studio and let’s not get on my personal shopping. Welcome to my world!”

Maria Chavez Rocco: “You might want to post on OfferUp someone might be moving or or- ganizing and could use them..”

Cyndi Vela-Flores: “City of San Antonio offers ad- ditional recycling can at no charge”

Irene V. Zertuche: “I’m in the same boat!”

Blue Rose Alvarez: “Are you flattening the boxes? You can fit more in the bin that way.”

Roy Cruz: “Love my Prime Membership but I also get overflowed with boxes”

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “Shopping locally stimulates the local econ- omy.”

Roger Rodriguez: “ Not everything is available locally. I support local when I can. During the shutdown, I stayed home and tried my best to abide by county recommenda- tions. I am still trying my best not to go out when I don’t need to. I like my groceries and necessities delivered to my door. I have all corporate stores in my area; not many local small businesses. The con- venience of e-commerce is what is accessible and what is safest at this point for me.